Cuddly Sweetheart!

2 ½ Years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Adoption fee: $
Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A doggie companion
- Family who are home more than not (kids 12yrs+)
- A grassed yard for zoomies

Introducing Saffron, or as we like to call her, Saffy! If you are not absolutely smitten by her big beautiful eyes or gorgeous colour, she is sure to win you over with her sweet, gentle nature and cuddly, cheeky personality. She is so ready for pet life and can't wait to meet you!

Saffron was such a different dog when she first came into foster, she has overcome a few initial fears such as walking on tiles, the tv, vacuum cleaner and the couple of stairs leading up the house. Being fostered in the hustle and bustle of Reservoir, she was a little timid on walks as she was so unfamiliar with the surroundings and the strange new sights and sounds that came with it. Now we can easily walk around the block and further. She has met so many new breeds of doggos and has been so gentle with all - little fluffies included! She even had a cute playdate with a border collie.

Saffron absolutely loves to zoom and play, hence the need for a zoomie yard! She enjoys harder toys that she can chew and the challenge of enrichment toys such as a kong - she loves food!! She has a penchant for pinching shoes and bringing them to her bed for a little nibble, nothing destructive! Although she loves to rip apart cardboard!

She is extremely patient when wiping down her muddy paws after a good old zoom. She doesn't mind being touched on her feet, so no need to take her to the groomer for a nail trim! She is also very patient putting on and taking off coats or pjs. Saffron has not displayed any signs of sleep aggression or resource guarding. She is the perfect couch companion that loves to be close to you for pats, warmth and snuggles.

During car rides saffron enjoys having a peak out the window but may need a lift into the boot, lucky she's only little!

Saffron can't wait to find her forever family where she can continue to learn, grow and give unlimited cuddles!!