A Ray Of Sunshine!

4 ½ years

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Source number: RE146245

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Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A family situation where people are home more often OR a calm male greyhound companion
- Prior large dog experience

Alice is a sweet and affectionate gal who is always brightening up our day with her cuddles, happy tail wags and zoomies! She is loving every minute of the good life and has blossomed into a happy hound who is always smiling!

Alice LOVES going on walks!! She will gladly sing in excitement when she knows its walk time, it is very amusing and her singing has provided us with a lot of laughs. She currently enjoys a 20-30 min walk a day and a quick 10 min walk in the evening just to check out wee mail (but will happily go for more walks if she could)! She walks well on the leash but can get excited at times so she will require a harness.

When its not walk time, its either snooze time or play time for Alice! She loves throwing her toys in the air and doing zoomies!! Alice has great house manners, she sleeps through the night on her own bed in her foster parents bedroom and will happily hop onto the couch or her humans bed as long as she has her permission to do so. She is of course toilet trained and will let you know when it’s time to go. Alice travels well in the car, she does need a little assistance with hopping into the car but has no issues hopping out,

Alice prefers to have someone who has had prior large dog experience to be her leader as she can get excited when meeting other dogs so further socialisation would definitely benefit her. She is careful when meeting other greyhounds but is fine after she’s had a proper introduction. She has been fostered with a male greyhound and even though it took her a little time to trust him, they have now developed a very strong and special bond (I know they will miss each other very much)!

Prior to COVID restrictions, Alice was left alone for long periods of time with her foster brother and she was fine. She is definitely the happiest when her humans are home more often than not so this would be her ideal home but otherwise she would also be happy to have a calm male greyhound companion. Alice has not met many children during her time in foster care but as she can get bouncy and excited, we think that children over 10 years would be best.

Alice is a special girl who has provided us with a lot of love and laughter, we will miss this little bundle of joy very much but we know that she will make her furever family a very happy one!

Medical Notes:
Due to a toe amputation on her rear paw, Alice will require Hunnyboots when out walking and a pair will be provided as part of her adoption pack. A full veterinary history while in R2R care can be provided.