Loving Greyhound-cross

5 years

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Source number: EE100188

Silver Sponsorship
by Rachelle Scandolera, Penny
& Polly, and in memory of
beautiful Rosie (Potato)
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- people are home most of the time (unless she has a medium/large doggie companion)
- no children under 8 years

Bambi is a Greyhound-Stag hound cross who is good natured and thrives on lots of love and affection.

Bambi has been a pet and due to changed circumstances is looking for a loving home. If you delight in an excited reception every time you come home - Bambi will not disappoint with her exuberant greetings! She also likes to roach and stare at you until you stop what you're doing and praise her for being a clown!

She likes to boop you with her cold nose when you least expect it as she is a stealth doggo and loves sneaking up for kisses. She loves car trips and adventures and will swim in the ocean, but of course hates baths....

Bambi would ideally suit a couple or retired person that have the time to give her the attention and pats she needs or someone that works from home. She can be quite boisterous but also loves laying around and napping like every good greyhound. Being a cross breed, she can sometimes be strong. Bambi is very good with children although her size can be too much for little kids. But she has been known to sneak in and sleep alongside an 8 year old little girl and they cuddled together very happily.

Once Bambi gets to know other dogs she is very sociable. Ideally another medium large dog in her life would be of great comfort to her and would assist when she is left alone. Bambi will need secure fencing as she is an athletic hound.

Bambi is always excited to go for walks and takes a little time to calm down but then she walks well.She is very intelligent but is also quite cheeky and may test your patience at times. But if you put in the time, and give her the love that she desires, you will have a loving and faithful best friend for life.

Racing 2 Rehome Greyhound Adoption Program, Victoria


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