Shy & Playful!

2 ½ years

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Source number: RE146245

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Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

• A confident and playful greyhound companion
• A patient and gentle owner to continue Benji’s pet-life socialisation
• A grassed yard to do zoomies
• A quiet country home

This handsome boy is seeking a patient and loving person to continue to bring him out of his shell and show him that pet-life is just great!

Benji was a timid boy who has come so far in the months he has been in foster, as at first, he was like a wild fawn – terrified of everything! But he has insatiable curiosity and that is the key to getting him to accept new things.

He has a sweet playful personality and is always delighted at your return – greeting you with little jumps of joy no matter how short your absence. He loves getting ear and head rubs and will nudge you for more. And he has the most stunning amber eyes!

He likes to jump on his soft toys for a little play, but he hasn’t yet learned how to interact with humans playing, although he will sometimes race after a ball! He would love a greyhound friend to play with or play chasey! He is currently living with two male greyhounds who he gets on really well with, although he would prefer if they were more playful! He is never possessive over toys or food.

Benji is very clean and is toilet trained. He will go to the door to let you know he needs to go outside. He has excellent holding power and sleeps quietly through the night and will generally sleep-in until what-ever time you get up.

Benji needs a country lifestyle with a quiet, gentle family and we know he will build his trust in you very quickly. Alas due to Covid we have been unable to socialize him with other people and so he barks at anyone coming into his yard, but if they stay around, he will lay down a safe distance away from them.
Recently, Benji has started going for short walks when the street is quiet, as he is still frightened of people and to a lesser extent cars. It is essential that Benji has a confident greyhound companion so that he can learn to go out for walks.

Benji makes a great watchdog as he loves to bark at any people or cars who come near his front yard! But if you wrap your arms around him – he is actually trembling as he bravely barks to scare them away!
Whoever adopts Benji is taking on a ‘Work-in Progress’ especially in regard to his walking. He keenly wants to join the other greyhounds on their walks, but he if he sees a few people, it gets too scary, and he wants to head for home…
Given more time and patience this delightful boy will make a wonderful companion in a loving home.

Option 2: If you don't already have a greyhound, we can supply Benji's best mate, Hunter as a companion!