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3 years

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Source number: RE146245

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Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

• Ideally a greyhound companion
• A loving family with no young children
• A yard for Benji's zoomies

Benji is a very adorable sweet natured, gentle boy, who is looking for a special person who will have love and patience to build his trust. He has now been over One Year in his foster home and he is so desperate to find his Furever home!

Benji came to R2R as a very timid boy and he has blossomed in his time in foster. He has overcome his fear of so many scary things in pet-life, although he is still wary of strangers.

Once he trusts you, his sweet playful personality comes out and he is always delighted when you return home – greeting you with little jumps of joy no matter how short your absence. He loves getting ear and head rubs and will nudge you for more. And he has the most stunning amber eyes!

Benji is just the easiest greyhound - he is not destructive; he is not demanding or needy; gets on really well with all greyhounds; is never possessive over food or toys; when out walking is totally non-reactive to other dogs (even nasty ones barking behind the fence); sleeps through the night and just waits until you get up; let's you know if he needs to be in or out and sweetly complies with whatever you ask. He is happiest inside the home, but likes to explore the yard and sometimes sun-bake.

He likes to jump on his soft toys for a little play, and he will sometimes race after a ball! He would love a greyhound friend to play with or play chasey! He has lived with male and female greyhounds and he gets on really well with all of them. He just loves meeting new greyhounds especially if they are playful. He’s not very interested in other breeds of dogs and out walking he will give them a quick sniff and wander on.

Benji jumps in the car and lies down quietly to travel. So, he is willing to explore various parks and new streets. He is into "social distancing" and prefers strangers to stay at least a meter away from him, but otherwise is happy to visit new places. He is not yet doing shopping streets or busy cafes, but we hope he might surprise us one day! Ideally Benji would enjoy a greyhound or medium large breed companion so that he can get the best out of pet life. But he would cope as a solo dog, if you are prepared to let him stay inside the home, when you are out - he has never ever been destructive!

Benji has always been toilet trained and will go to the door to let you know he needs to go outside. He has excellent holding power and sleeps quietly through the night and will sleep-in until what-ever time you get up.

Benji needs a quieter lifestyle in the suburbs or country with a quiet, gentle family and we know he will build his trust in you quickly. Alas, he finds young children too noisy for him to live with, but he would cope with visiting grandkids.

This delightful boy will make such a wonderful companion in a loving home. Can you open your heart for darling Benji?