Energetic & Cuddly!

2 ½ Years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

Silver Sponsorship
by Julie Grindley
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Have time to walk a young and energetic greyhound
- A grassed yard for zoomies
- Have lots of couch cuddles to give Cassy
- Kids over 8 years

Hello potential parent/parents of Cassie!

Cassie is an exceptionally beautiful and very energetic greyhound ready for her forever home.

She LOVES people, so will fare very well in a home that has many guests, but would probably be best with older children as her bouncy nature and natural strength (and youth) means she doesn't always know how strong her cuddles are. For that reason she probably will suit someone a bit active! She will cuddle you as long as you will let her though, and if you are on board with a couch dog or even a bed dog, she will be big spoon or little spoon until you kick her off. Nothing warms your heart more than her falling asleep with her little paw on you, just to know you are there!

She has adapted well to home life with outdoor stairs no issue (indoor slippy wooden ones have yet to be attempted but with help I have no doubt shorter carpeted ones would be fine). She is used to all life's noises of TVs and Vacuums.

Currently she sleeps downstairs happily alone, with a nightlight on, and has done since night one with no crying at all! Normally from 1030pm-8am! What a champ! But boy is she ready for a cuddle and a head scratch when you come to see her in the morning. Come the morning she has energy to burn, so would suit someone who likes morning walks, and ideally someone who is up for a long one. She can survive with a half an hour if you are pushed for time, but if you can do two half an hours each day she is in heaven. Her actual walk stamina is untested, she could go longer, haha. She loves zoomies in the backyard too, so while she loves to snooze inside, outside space is a must.

She's been working on her socialising with other dogs, but lockdown has made it tough. She LOVES other greyhounds, and a 4-month-old Labrador puppy has been wearing her down with his enthusiasm and by the end of a walk she's over her shyness and they are companions of walking and sniffing!

Again lockdown has made it tough to test the home alone vibe, but I have been leaving her downstairs all day while I work upstairs and she behaves like an angel, especially if she's had a morning walk to tucker her out. (I do currently leave dog movies on for her but that's just cause I'm a weirdo). I have left her at home for 8 hours twice now since I have been able to leave home, and she has been fine, and home has been untouched, so I think she'll be fine getting into the rhythm with workers given some time to adjust, but I think her dream would probably be someone who is occasionally home in the day.

She is getting into toys and will come with a selection of her favourites to ease her into her new home, plus a dapper pink sweater. (Once you start shopping it's hard to stop). Beware her foot fetish, as she will collect shoes in reach, but will not chew them (except flip flops and that I think by accident)

She is very motivated by food, so she is easy to teach. She doesn't pull on the leash really, more just loves to roam left and right sniffing everything, with a stop start vibe, and a very friendly wander up to everyone to give a joyful greeting!

Cars - LOVES car rides, tries to get in even when I'm unpacking the shopping. Gets in and out without help.
Busy streets- getting really used to them!
Café Brunch- sits there nicely!

If you want a beautiful energetic doggo who pretty much already loves you, Cassie is the one for you!

This has been bittersweet to write, she has been such a joy to foster!