What A Stunner!

5 ½ years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A home with lots of love to give this stunning boy

Meet Dusty, an absolutely stunning man ready to steal your heart! The delightful Dusty is adjusting very well to life as a pet and is great to have around the house. Dusty loves going for a walk, sleeps well through the night, and loves to eat, being one of the best Greyhound dish lickers his foster carer has seen. He is generally very chilled and just loves to hang out, to gets pats and just be around you.

Currently Dusty enjoys two walks a day, with the evening shorter walk being a quick 10 min walk around the block to check out all the smells of the day. Dusty walks well on lead, he gets along well with Greyhounds he meets but is a bit distracted by other breeds and can pull when close to other dogs, so he will do well with a forever home that is happy to continue his socialisation education. Dusty is not bothered by loud noises and is happy standing at a level crossing as the boom gates go down or a tram passing with bells dinging or even a tooting car.

He does love his soft squeaky toys, gently taking his collection to his bed, making sure they do not stray far. Dusty like most Greys likes to snooze and is no trouble at night, easily sleeping through. He sleeps in his own bed in his foster carers room. Dusty has not attempted to climb on the couch, but if he were encouraged, I’m sure he would be very happy to do so. He is good at learning boundaries and mostly manages to stay out of the kitchen and bathroom, doesn’t rush through the door or charge thru the house.

Dusty is great to have around the home, is easy to live with and is a delightful companion. He gets excited when new people come to the gate, he loves to get lots of pats and enjoys leaning on people. He is generally happy just to be around you stretching out on the floor or in his bed while his people watch TV, are on the computer or cooking in the kitchen. Dusty is certainly a doggo that likes to be inside more that outside, but would certainly enjoy a grassy patch to zoom on. He does like to have someone around so would make a wonderful companion for a retired person/persons, or people that work part time and are home most of the time. Dusty wants all your love for himself so may do best in a single dog house.

Dusty is bound to steal your heart the moment you meet him and your bound to steal his, if you need a friend to get you through long days and bring smiles to your face, dusty is your guy!