Playful Boy!

3 years

Microchip number:


Source number: EE100188

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Adoption fee: $
Adoption Pending
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A grassed yard for zoomies
- Home part-time
- Children over 13 years

Elijah is a beautiful boy who is adjusting very well to life as a pet. He loves going for a walk, sleeps well through the night, loves to eat and is fully toilet trained. Elijah is a very good-looking fellow; often receiving such compliments from passers-by.

Elijah loves going for walks and enjoys two walks a day at the moment, even if the evening walk is just a quick 10 min walk around the block. He gets along well with most Greyhounds he meets but is also good with other breeds. Elijah walks well on the lead but sometimes can be startled by a loud noise, causing him to rush forward.

He is fond of his soft and squeaky toys, carrying them around, batting them with his front paws. He also likes chasing a ball, but bringing it back is still a work in progress. Elijah does enjoy a bit of a zoom out on the grass, particularly in the early evening so it would be great if his forever home has some grassy patch to zoom and roll around on.

Elijah spends a lot of time snoozing and is no trouble at night, easily sleeping through. He sleeps in his own bed in the dining/lounge room and often stays in bed choosing to snooze until he is finally roused to go outside for his morning wee. Elijah does not climb up on the couch or bed, but if he were allowed, I’m sure he would be very happy to do so. He is quick to learn boundaries and mostly manages to stay out of the kitchen and bathroom.

Elijah travels well in the car. He is learning to walk up and down a long flight of stairs and is improving each time he tries. He has no problem going up and down a few stairs though.

Elijah has been great to have around the home, is easy to live with and is a wonderful companion. He is happy to hang out with you while gardening, enjoys a drink from the hose while you are watering the plants, stretches out on the floor or his bed while I’m watching TV or on the computer, he is also happy to head to his bed in a different room for a snooze or to play with his toys when it suits him. Currently he is left at home for 4-5 hour blocks a few times a week and is fine, but certainly prefers having someone around as much as possible. He is reserved around strangers (more so with men), until he gets to know people, but then he is your best buddy.

Elijah has not been living with children but may be okay with teenagers in a quiet household.