Beautiful & Funny!

Almost 8 Years

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Source number: RE146245

Silver Sponsorship
from Julie Grindley
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Solo dog
- Kids over 8

Hello humans! *sniff sniff* *chatters* *wags tail* *chatters* *sniff*

Yes, I love humans so much, I'll stick around you for all the pats, ear scritches and belly rubs. That being said, I can be very independent at home - I’ll leave the room for another bed if I feel like it, or will stay in the lounge for the night. I’m not really a morning doggo, I looooove a lie in. And I’m pretty good at being left home alone, especially if you give me a treat filled kong!

I am getting better with my house manners, I understand what NO means, I let the humans know when I need to go wee, I’ll head to my bed when they tell me (most times), although I do love a good old sniff of the kitchen bench, so best that all food is put away before you leave, otherwise it’s a free for all :P

Speaking of food, I love food! I can hear exactly when the human is picking up my bowl to make dinner - I’ll shoot right over. I love treats, kongs, peanut butter, chicken necks, seriously the list goes on. Can’t get around carrots though..

Oh and walks, my ultimate day consists of 2 walks with lots of naps in between. I do most of my business on walks, checking and replying to pee-mails. If I have to cock my leg to hit the spot, that’s what I’ll do, followed by some enthusiastic grass kicking! Now, I am still working on my doggy socialisation, still a bit unsure of other dogs, but after a bit of time and hanging out from a distance I get that other dogs aren’t all that bad! Attending the local dog obedience club and walks with other greys has definitely helped out and would love for my new humans to continue this regular socialisation.

I travel well in the car, mostly I like to stand up and watch all of the things go by and stick my head out the window for some fresh air. I might need a little assistance getting in though!

Of course I love to have a good old zoom, whether it's in the lounge, yard or the bed. The zoomies only last about 30 seconds then I'm zorsted so I don't need much space. I would be suited to townhouse life. The only toy I play with is a teddy bear, otherwise toys/balls don’t really excite me!

I am not phased by random noises such as storms, trucks or the vacuum cleaner. I am super chill and very gentle with everyone that I meet. And I can’t wait to meet YOU! So if you are after a beautiful, friendly, funny, lazy grey - I am your gal. I will make you smile every single day and fill your home with so much joy!