Affectionate Boy

5 years

Microchip number:


Source number: EE100188

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Children over 8 years
- Part-time workers / retired

Freddie is a crowd favourite, and people stop to say hi to him! Freddie walks well on leash, and although he is quite strong-willed he listens very well to directions and waits at each intersection before crossing the road. He has accomplished stairs and loves stopping on walks to say hi to dogs big and small. I ask him to wait when another dog walks past so that his waging tail doesn't knock them over.

He currently gets two walks a day - morning and evening. He really loves walking and then sleeps for the rest of the day. He loves seeing people on walks and wags his tail a lot. He is generally good with city noise but will stop if a loud tram goes past.

Freddie is a very affectionate boy who just loves pats and attention. Ideally Freddie would like a home where his people are home most of the time with him… as he is such a lovely and affectionate boy. A family with children over 8 would be good as although he is gentle, he has a large wagging tail and likes to do a zoomie or two each day.

He can be very talkative in the morning and does huge stretches and a big yawn to let you know it’s time to start the day.

Racing 2 Rehome Greyhound Adoption Program, Victoria


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