The Sweetest Gal!

7 ½ Years

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Source number: RE146245

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On behalf of the staff at Peninsula Health– donations from the sale of scrub hats.
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Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A Special person to love a tripod greyhound
- A quiet single level home (no stair-case) with a small yard

Joyce is a very sweet and affectionate girl, who is looking for a Special Person to adopt and care for her.
Sadly she recently became a tripod as after much consultation by Racing2Rehome with the vets, it was decided to amputate her rear damaged leg, to enable her to live a pain-free life.
It's over 3 years since she broke her hock in a race and the leg has healed very poorly, resulting in Joyce not able to weight-bear on the damaged leg. Consequently the amputation of her leg, hasn't slowed her down much or changed her temperament. She never used the bad leg to jump into the car - so she still excitedly jumps into the car unassisted.

Joyce has such a gentle, sweet nature and she absolutely loves to be fussed over and stroked/patted and likes nothing more than to lean on you or sit by your side while you stroke her until your arm drops off! She is a contented and elegant lady. She always enjoys meeting people on the street and loves meeting children as she puts them at their ease. She stands there and will end up leaning against the person while they stroke her and when they stop she nudges their hand to get them to start stroking her again!

She has lived with other greyhounds and gets on well with them. She is fine with most other dogs, and will generally shy away from any annoying or barking dogs to avoid a confrontation.

We think she would be ideally suited to an older person who isn't working full time or an older family who will play with her but then let her rest. She's content to be on her own at home and will happily doze by the window for several hours on her own but when you come home she will wander over wagging her tail and wanting some affection.

Joyce would be best as a solo dog, unless the other dog in the home is very sedate, as she is keen to run with other dogs, which is not so advisable as an older tripod! She loves going for her twice daily walks, but these need to be gentle and nothing too strenuous. She is also keen to stick her head out of the car window on trips to the park and has enjoys the routine of daily walks to a nearby cafe to meet new people and be admired by old friends as long as she can come home and sleep it off for most of the afternoon.
Can you provide Joyce with the the love and attention this very special girl needs?