Kelly & Zinda

Bonded Sisters!

6 ½ years

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Source number: RE146245

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- A grassed yard for zoomies

Kelly and Zinda (Lucinda) are two amazing little sisters who R2R wish to adopt together as they are a bonded pair who have lived most of their lives together. It's hard to imagine them apart, however they do have a classical sibling relationship with occasional moments of sibling rivalry.

Both Zinda and Kelly get walked twice a day for around 30-45 minutes, they are great on leash and very easy to walk as a pair. They will occasionally become interested in other dogs, and Kelly can get a little extra excited but they generally respond quite well to a calm direction and a little tug (especially for the smaller dogs). When given the opportunity they are more interested in just having a sniff and sussing the new dog out. They line up to get harnessed and jacketed when its walk time and are very aware of the routine surrounding their walks and food.

Both dogs are quite energetic and even with their walks, they love to have a bit of a play across the day as well. They will occasionally work each other up in excitement and go outside for some zoomies. This seems to generally end quickly with someone having a bit much and it turning into a brief altercation, but they remain best friends as soon as it calms down. Aside from play time, they are generally pretty calm and quiet, content to just laze around. They are both very affectionate dogs, Lucinda loves a good neck rub and will chatter her teeth out of excitement. Kelly is more cat-like and likes to nuzzle and lean on you. Kelly also really enjoys a good scratch just above the tail and will often roach if you do it while she is laying down. Both dogs love humans and are very inquisitive with new people.

On walks, loud traffic is still a bit overwhelming for Lucinda, however she is growing in confidence. Kelly is generally quite calm, and may just lean a little for comfort if she feels uncomfortable. These two generally keep each other company, and clearly draw comfort from one another. Their transition into the foster home did not take as long as usual and they warmed up to us very quickly. They feed off each other as far as confidence goes. They would likely suit someone active and fit enough to walk the both of them together and I do not think they would have an issue with children over the age of 8.

Do you have a loving home for these greys? So many people get one greyhound and then within a year get a second... but these sisters just rub along together. So why not take the plunge with a bonded pair like Kelly and Zinda - and get double the love and affection in return!