Lovely Fellow

6 years

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Source number: EE100188

Silver Sponsorship
by Julie Grindley
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Adoption fee: $
Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Grassed backyard for Zoomies
- Part-time worker
- Prepared to manage his Panus eye condition

Lovely Luca is really a very lovely fellow. He is very affectionate and happy to hang out with you. He loves all people especially when pats are provided.

Lucas favourite activity is going for walks and at the moment he enjoys two walks a day approximately 30-40min, which include lots of sniffing time, but he is happy if the evening walk is a shorter walk. Even though Luca walks very well on lead, he is can be a strong boy, but he is easily corrected in front clipping harness be used when walking him. He generally gets along well with most dog breeds he meets while out walking and does seem to enjoy spending a little time at the local park with all the other dogs that gather there (even though he is on lead and they are running around). Plenty of sniffing and tail wagging happens, however he is not so keen on the local kelpies charging up to his face and darting off. Luca has met children while out walking is happy to be patted and chatted to by them.

He is quite fond of his soft and squeaky toys, often playing with them outside, throwing them in the air and pushing them around with his nose, this seems to spark a bit of a zoom as he charges off around the grass then back to his toy to toss it in the air again, so it would be great if his forever home has a grassy lawn to zoom and roll on, as rolling in the grass is another well enjoyed activity.

Luca spends a lot of time snoozing and is no trouble at night easily sleeping through, although sometimes he starts off sleeping in his own bed in his foster-carers room and then transfers into another bed in a different room – nothing like a change of scenery!! Luca currently does not climb on the couch or bed, but if he were allowed, I’m sure he would be very happy to do so. He is quick to learn boundaries and mostly manages to stay out of the kitchen and bathroom.

Luca enjoys travelling in the car and jumps in without any assistance. He is learning to walk up and down stairs and manages concrete ones well. Luca can be a bit of a fussy eater and tends to leave some of his food for a snack a bit later in the day or after he returns from his walk.

Luca is not an overly clingy dog, he is happy to spend a little time snoozing in another room or playing with his toys when it suits him, but also enjoys sprawling out on the floor and hanging out with you while you are working on the computer or watching TV, he is a bit of a sticky beak and likes to sniff everything, sometimes picking things up but will respond well to being told no. I think he would benefit from having someone around most of the time but is certainly ok when left for part of the day. Overall Luca will make a wonderful companion.

Luca the eye condition Panus, which requires daily drops. These are very easy to administer as the drops soothe his eyes, so he stands perfectly still. His vision is not impacted, as it is in the early stage and the drops will prevent the condition progressing. Over summer, limiting his exposure to UV sunlight is desirable (restricted backyard sunbaking!)

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