Playful Snuggle-bum!

3 ½ years

Microchip number:


Source number: EE100188

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Part-time workers
- A medium/large doggie companion if full-time workers

Maddie, the worlds most snuggly, happy pooch!
Are you looking for a best buddy who will always be up for a good cuddle or adventure? Look no further!
Maddie is the most gorgeous, energetic and confident little soul!

This little lady is learning how to walk well on a leash as she gets to know her new world as a family member. She is pretty excitable and pulls the first 5 minutes when walking with another dog but can be very calm on her own, she loves her twice daily 20 minute walks and is more than happy to sleep the rest of the day away by your side as you work from home.

Maddie is a very friendly dog who gets really excited to see a truck or bike cycle past, this is when her little helicopter tail gets spinning! She loves meeting new humans and is very perplexed and curious about meeting all different breeds of dogs, she has done very well settling in to foster life with another greyhound, she will be a great companion for another dog or by herself to have all of your love as she does compete for attention!

Maddie loves to play with toys so will benefit greatly from enriching toys to throw around, carry and chew - she just loves carrying your shoes around and re-organising them the way she likes them - she wont chew them though! If your clothing or hats are left around she will take off with one and throw it around the place!

After her post dinner nap she will make her way over to he couch, pop her paws up on your legs and wrap her neck around your neck and give you quite literally a neck cuddle, she will happily stay like this for 10 minutes. If you allow her on the couch, she will wriggle up next to you excitedly and wriggle her head on to your lap or under your armpit, where she will close her wee eyes and smile with pure joy.

Maddie is a natural in the car and jumps straight in and out, she loves the window open to really let her hair down and sniff the world as it goes by with her adorable snoot. She has become very accustomed to all noises in the house but isn't a major fan of the electric toothbrush, she just really doesn't trust a loud motor going near your face and gets worried for your safety! She is not a fussy eater.

Maddie would suit older children over 8 as she can be excitable and jumpy around dinner and walk times, her tail is also like a pair of helicopter nunchucks which is hilarious to watch but could hurt small kids. Maddie can get a little bit stressed when you leave her for long periods of time or alone so would suit part-time workers or family members who are working from home long term, she loves coming up and quality controlling your work with a little hand nudge! She is toilet-trained and is very good at waiting until you take her outside, what a dream pooch!

Racing 2 Rehome Greyhound Adoption Program, Victoria


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