Endless Snuggles!

7 ½ Years

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Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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- All the love in the world to give, so Midge gets her luxurious retirement!

Midge, or as we have taken to calling her - 'Midgy Moo' - is a mature aged lady at 7 years old - scratch that, there's nothing mature about this beautiful girl! Don't let her age fool you! Midge is the perfect balance of energetic and silly - she will happily accompany you for outside chores, loves chasing and zooming with her squeaky toys, adores going for walks, and will keep you entertained with her array of clumsy antics and goofy facial expressions. If you're doing something, Midge will be right there with you - and yes, that even means you never have to go to the bathroom alone ever again.

Whilst Midge came to us with very little street smarts, she is learning the concept of 'wait' when crossing roads, walking in and out the front door, etc, as well as 'come' when its time to move. She is initially quite excited and adores a good sniff, however she does settle into a nice walking rhythm and is equally happy with a brisk walk, or a leisurely stroll. Midge doesn't need a huge walk everyday, and for her, walks seem to hold more value in the smells they offer over the exercise itself. This girl is a true couch potato through and through and is happiest curled up on her blanket on the couch - but happily spends days outside whilst we are at work.

Midge is incredibly well behaved of a night-time, and has slept right through the night for the duration of her foster stay - as long as she goes to the bathroom before bed, you won't hear from her until the morning.

This little lady is slightly obsessed with beds and couches. Whilst she is welcome on the couch, we chose to keep her time on the beds to a minimum, and in doing this she has learnt the command 'down' very well, and even understands a hand gesture without the word - she's a clever girl!

If you think Midge might be a great addition to your home, you must be prepared for endless snuggles - she loves snuggles, and has a very cute habit of chattering her teeth when the snuggles or pats are particularly enjoyable.

She doesn't appear to be fazed by much, and has socialised well with small children and other dogs - small dogs do excite her and we have been working on this, but she happily plays with medium to large dogs and school aged kids. Midge currently coexists very well with our pet rainbow lorikeet also.

This beautiful girl has all the love in the world to give, and deserves a luxurious retirement. Her beautiful eyes will melt your heart!