Affectionate & Gracious Companion!

5 ½ Years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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- A home with lots of love to give this beautiful boy

Morris is a beautiful, gentle, placid, loving, and cute boy. He loves people and can be patted for hours on end if you’re after a cuddle buddy. In saying that, he does value his own time as well and enjoys hours-long sleeps in his new comfy Portsea bed (seriously, it’s been a game changer for him). He’s the king of comfort and will always find the most comfy spot available – but never on the couch or bed or other furniture. He’s never even attempted to, which shows how polite the gorgeous man is. But he does like to get up in the morning and have a quick cuddle/be around people and will let you know if you fancy a bigger sleep-in than usual. We’ll pass on all the things we’ve bought him (pillows, big bed, toys, blankets).

He absolutely adores pounding the pavement – also known as walkies – and can go long distances if you like walking. But he’s also happy with shorter ones, enough for him to sniff lots of spots and do lots of wees. Most days he goes out for two walks, one sometime in the AM and one sometime in the PM. We’ve taught him to stop before crossing roads and it’s important to keep up the ‘STOP’ and ‘OKAY’ training with him. He enjoys other grey's company, but is still learning with other dogs, especially smaller ones so he will benefit from further doggie socialisation and will require a confident owner who will show him the way.

It’d be great if there’s an outside space – even if quite small – for him to go to the toilet. He’s really well toilet trained and will also save most of his toilet business for walks. Morris gets around a road trip just as much as humans do and will sleep the whole way through, even in the back of a small Toyota echo. He’s usually pretty good at hopping in, but has needed a hand with an awkward shape boot once or twice. Hopping out isn’t an issue.

He’s used to lots of weird and loud noises – trains zooming in the backyard, gates slamming, kids screaming, busy roads and lots of people. So a busy, loud and what-would-seem-disruptive environment doesn’t phase him.

Morris likes the idea of toys, but is still a little unsure as to what they are. He might bounce around one and grab it for a few seconds, but loses interest pretty quickly and most likely will use it to create his comfy fort. He’s recently started to enjoy chewing treats – like pig’s ears, kangaroo ribs and goat’s horns and that keeps him entertained until he falls asleep.

He usually has a human around, but we’ve left him for up to six hours and come back to him nestled into his bed without any one’s, two’s or any damage, so feel confident in his ability to be alone – but he does love the company.

Morris is really special, loved by all and we can’t wait for him to continue to live a comfy, cuddle-filled life with you.