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Social & Affectionate!

3 ½ Years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Suited to adults or families with teenage children.

Mullet aka Mulley, is an affectionate sweetheart! ♥️
He stole the hearts of his foster family from day one.
He settled quickly into pet life and is very comfortable when snuggled with his human.

What we know about Mullet:
- his name is PERFECT and he knows and responds to it. Well, he raced as "Comb over Mullet", a name we believe was chosen by his trainers kids!

- he is a fast learner and wants to please. He has learnt a number of basic commands and only needs a very gentle prompt for him to get on his ‘bed’ or to ‘stay’. Saying ‘no’ when he gives you a look with those gorgeous eyes is something to get used to!

- he is a ‘talker’. He attends greyhound socialisation classes and likes to speak out loud when he sees other breeds having fun without him. It’s not a bark - more of a ‘roo roo roo’

- car rides are one of his favourite things and he is a great traveller. Gets in and settles for a short or long drive.

- he has made many new friends whilst in foster care spending time with a few different breed dogs (larger varieties) and his greyhound walking group friends. He is a happy cafe dog too after a walk.

- he is happy to be indoors or outdoors and currently spends up to 5 hours a day, several days a week, at home with his foster brother outside whilst the family goes to work and school and is quiet and content.

- squeaky toys are great! Mullet loves to toss around a loud squeaky toy but is not overly keen to share a tug of war game with a human (hence older children being a preference) he did try to steal an unsuspecting child’s teddy at the dog lovers show last year and he also was a bit partial to Santa’s fluffy sleeves!

- Mullet is very confident going upstairs, but down has been a little challenging - with time and support, he would be fine.

- he sleeps on his bed all night but does like to know his humans are close by. Roaching is a favourite position of his and it’s when we know he is super relaxed.

- he is a very confident dog when out and about and will happily greet people and pass by other dogs. He walks easy on a lead and in a harness, happy with a short walk or a longer stroll. He can also be a little over zealous upon first greetings with people (particularly small children) and dogs so he still needs a little work on those manners.

Mullet would be best suited for adults or families with teenage children.
He would be fine with medium / large other breed companions or other greyhounds companions.

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