Panda & Callum

Ebony & Ivory

3 years

Microchip number:

956000006119509 & 956000005422702

Source number: EE100188

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from Shilpa & Ram
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Adoption fee: $
Available for Adoption (bonded pair)
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A grassed yard for zoomies
- Children over 8 years
- Prepared for two energetic greyhounds who love to play!

Panda & Callum are sister and brother from the same litter!

Panda is a delightfully happy and playful girl. She has endless energy (for a greyhound!) and just loves to PLAY!
Check out this video of the two of them in action!

Panda is so amusing to watch as she trots around the house carrying toys, cushions, dog blankets - the bigger the better! Panda loves meeting people and wags her tail at everyone she meets, demanding lots of pats as she leans against them.

Her brother Callum is a total Velcro hound and needs to be wherever you are. He is happiest snoozing near you or getting cuddles, as he is very affectionate boy.

Callum can't bear you to leave him alone, which is why he needs his sister to comfort him when you head off to the shops or go out. Hence, while Panda may cope, we know Callum will stress and so R2R would like to find that fabulous home who will take these two siblings who have been together all their lives.

Honestly, we can guarantee hours of entertainment as Panda knows exactly how to stir up her brother to PLAY, so this helps burn off both their energy! They even play tug-of-war, which is fairly uncommon in greys. But out walking they are both angels - Callum you could walk on a thread! So it is no issue for these two dogs to be walked by one person. They both love meeting new people and Panda wags her tail at every person she sees in the street!

While they may be too boisterous to live with a smaller dog, they are friendly and behave well on lead around other dog breeds. Kids over 8 yrs would be best, so that they don't get side-swiped by play.
Both dogs can jump in the car and luv going for rides, as they are up for any adventure.

Naturally they are toilet trained and sleep through the night. Panda is even so clever that she has taught herself to use a dog-door!

Do you have a loving home for these greys? So many people get one greyhound and then within a year get a second... but the dogs just rub along together. So why not take the plunge with a bonded pair like Panda and Callum - and get double the love and affection in return!

Total Adoption fee for both dogs is $600 (instead of $350 each).

Racing 2 Rehome Greyhound Adoption Program, Victoria


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