Prancing Pippa!

2 ½ years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A quiet rural home
- A doggie companion
- Mainly adult humans is her family preference

This gorgeous girl came to us as a quivering lump of jelly about 3 months ago. She didn’t trust anyone and had no confidence in herself.

Now, she is in practice to lead Santa’s sleigh as the prancing hound she knows she is!! Pippa has come a long way in a relatively short time. She is still wary of new people but passes with flying colours in every other way.

She is wonderful with other dogs, even if they aren’t Greyhounds. She loves the car, jumping in herself, sometimes standing but often laying comfortably on the back seat. She prefers to stay in the car when you finish the drive, but will submit to leaving the back seat when she is clipped up and asked to come.

She is learning the words ‘stand’ and ‘stay’ when being clipped into her harness and whilst waiting for the gate to open and being allowed to walk through. She is also very good at staying, at the back door, when not allowed inside.

Her crate is her comfy spot and she is happy in there. She now also loves the Portsea beds and is happy to lie in there, especially if she has canine company. She is a much more confident dog when another dog is with her and a home with a stable, confident dog would be recommended. She sleeps with the crate open, having been asked to toilet right before bed, which she will oblige. She is just as happy to be outside, is quiet and happy to use the kennel.

Pippa has progressed to this stage through patience, quiet handling and soothing words. New experiences need to be handled quietly and gently, with plenty of praise and positive reinforcement. She can still become a naughty 2 year old when excited by the prospect of going for a walk, which is actually lovely to see! For a young dog, she is quite mature. However, she does have the energy of a 2yo, which means she needs an occasional outlet to zoom that energy off.

Pip is intelligent and learns quickly. She has the sweetest nature and has not displayed any aggression or negative traits. She is excellent on lead but we have used a harness, as she can become difficult to pull away when she sees echidnas! (We have a lot here.) She also likes rabbits, so a firm grip on the leash is essential, as she will try to chase. She has had no exposure to cats, but would be interested we feel.

She is very observant, looking for different animals and places to investigate. She alerts her handler to potential interest, as she begins to prance like a horse! It is an alert to tighten your grip, she has remarkable take-off speed!! She will walk in rain, but really dislikes strong wind that rustles leaves. She is a fast walker and has built up to hour long walks on hilly terrain. She copes with up to 4km walks, indicating that she would like to keep going!! She has learned that walks involve sniffs and toileting and will generally walk on a long leash out front, not pulling.

Pippa has learned to go onto the grass to toilet and will do so when her people stand by and wait. She has been instructed to ‘wee’ and will oblige on most occasions.

Pip loves to go ‘shopping’, bringing back shoes, towels, dog rugs, leashes to her crate and bed. She will rip up paper things, but generally isn’t destructive. When left for an hour or two, she has been happy to snooze and not destroy. She hasn’t counter surfed, but when eating in the lounge, needs to learn that she can’t approach the eater.

She has been eating 300-350gms cooked beef or chicken with pasta and vegies and a cup of cooked white rice, twice a day. I have made Satin Balls, which contain her anxiety meds, to try to fatten her a little, as she is quite fine boned. She is a quick eater and not at all fussy. She also loves bones, pigs ears, home-made biscuits and sardines. She initially got ‘won over’ by toast with cream cheese and that is a special treat for her now.

People are Pippa’s Achilles Heel. She is fearful of new men, but once she puts her trust in someone, she is quite happy to be around them. Slowly and patiently, with cream cheese toast in hand, is how to win her over!! She will bark at people, wagging her tail, so she is indicating she’s scared, but willing to consider liking them from a distance. Pressure on her just makes her run scared to her crate. A quiet, rural home with another dog and mainly female, adult humans would be her preference. Once trusted, that human can hug, kiss and play with Pippa to their hearts content. And she will be more than happy to respond back! A lovely young dog with a great future ahead of her.