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A Gentle Lady!

Almost 7 years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
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- Lots of love to give this gorgeous lady!

Romany is the chilliest dog I’ve ever fostered. Greyhounds are normally quite relaxed, but she takes the cake. Don’t get me wrong she’s affectionate, loves to be stroked, adores being brushed and lovingly greets me every time I come home from having been out shopping but she doesn’t jump all over you like some dogs can and after having had a cuddle she walks back to her bed content, sits down and falls asleep and can stay there all day or until she sees me go for her dog lead.

She’s always in a happy mood when she gets up in the morning and likes to shake and swing her soft toys around in her mouth and have a puppy play. However, once she’s been for her first trip in the garden it’s breakfast and back to the business of napping, preferably in a sunny spot!

She loves her food but once she’s full, she’s done. She is however inquisitive about human food and seems to have a thing for Salada crackers and pizza crusts which is something that she came to me with. She will sit upright on her bed and just watch you eating them, no dribbling or anything like that, she’s just waiting for the odd share but again if you don’t share, she lies her head down and drops off to sleep again in her chilled way.

She’s alert on walks and loves going out but she doesn’t pull or dart about and has the odd moment when she likes to stop, sniff or just stand still taking stock of the birds chirping or what’s going on around her. Then after a couple of seconds she’s fine to start walking again.
Every day we walk to the local coffee shop close to a primary school and she loves the school age children coming up and saying hello. She’s very gentle with them and so we think she may be fine with children in the home.

She will stay quietly on her bed until you tell her it’s time for a walk. She is content to spend most of her day sleeping in the sunshine that streams in through her window spot, with of course the occasional roach. If she needs to go to the toilet like a true refined lady, she will slowly walk to the back door and stand there or swing back to make sure she’s caught your eye and then go back to the back door, waiting for you to make the move.

She isn’t too bothered by other greyhounds when we meet up at the park and just stands there waiting for her walk as the others bounce about and come over and say hello. She’ll have the odd slow sniff but nothing much. She’s a bit nervous around jumpy dogs or little yappy dogs and will stand close to you and stand very still.

Turns out she’s a water baby as she likes walking through puddles if it’s not a cold day and will readily wander over and stand in a pond or lake. Other than slowly walking through water she’s content to stand there and watch the world go by while her feet are wet, but she hates going out in the rain and will actively discourage a walk until it stops raining.

She’d be ideally suited to an older person or a family with school aged children and although an older dog, she still has plenty of life in her - she enjoys her toys and teddies (having a bit of a puppy phase first thing in the morning and now and then). Really, she’s just a happy, contented and very chilled dog that is full of love to give.

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