Cosie Rosie

6 years

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"COSY ROSIE" has completely stolen our hearts with her big brown eyes that seem to stare deep into your soul! Her zest for her second chance at life is absolutely a joy to behold. At six years old, she has a wise peacefulness about her yet she also has heaps of energy for her age. Her favourite two things in life are sleeping on the couch and going for walkies! We really feel she is the perfectly balanced dog, she wants attention and to feel close and loved but is also independent. She is calm and gentle and well behaved at home but also has heaps of energy for walks and being out and about.

Rosie, doesn't really walk, she trots! She is absolutely tiny for a greyhound. So she has to move her little legs quickly to keep up. She is so energetic on walks and excited to see the world. She does like to walk out in front and pulls a little, she also loves to sniff everything, and marks her path by peeing a lot! So while she is gentle and won't pull too much, she is still learning her leash manners.

Rosie is a bundle of energy and excitement when it's time for walkies. Even just picking up your keys is enough to get her going. She currently enjoys a minimum of 2 x 30 min walks every morning and evening. She could happily do more though!

At home, Rosie is the opposite to lively and energetic; she is the true definition of a couch potato. She will happily lay there and sleep the day away. We have a bed for her in almost every room of the house and loves being able to sleep anywhere she likes. She really is the perfect house guest, so calm and gentle at home sometimes you would hardly notice she's there.

She is definitely a shy girl who is learning about the big world. She is not a huge cuddler, she likes to watch people go by first. Then once she feels comfortable she is friendly with people and with calm children.

It seems that Rosie hasn't been around other dogs in her past. She never raced so she is still learning how to communicate and be friendly with other dogs. This could definitely be improved over time as she is happy and interested in other dogs, she just gets a bit nervous and doesn't always know how to act around them.

Rosie was very shy and timid when we first started fostering her but she is becoming more and more affectionate each day. She likes a cuddle in the morning, and especially before her walks while getting on her lead and coat etc, she also has moments like when she wakes up from a nap where she will come up to you for a pat or she may lay her head on your lap. She likes to be scratched behind the ears and sometimes she also loves a good belly scratch! However, she is not an overly affectionate dog, she is quite independent, she likes to sleep on the couch in whatever room you are in. She likes to be close to you and know you are there for her without always being constantly touched and fussed over.

Rosie interested in toys, and we haven't seen any zoomie action yet except when she's about to go for a walk or if she goes to what we've discovered is her favourite place - an ocean beach. She loves to run along the shore line where the waves go in and out. As greyhounds can't be off-leash, having an owner with a decent fitness level to do this with her from time to time would be her dream come true! She doesn't collect toys but she does like to sleep with them in her bed for company :)

Rosie loves travelling in the car. She needs help getting in and out. She will jump up and put her front paws in but she needs help by lifting up her back paws. We've also put a bed in the back of our hatchback for her and she will sleep there for hours on road trips.

Rosie is new to city living so some loud trucks or trains will startle her but she seems to really enjoy walking through our local cafe/shop strip and talking in all the sights and sounds. Rosie would love a home with a decent sized secure garden to use up some of her outdoor energy in.

Rosie is ok by herself for about 4 hours at a time. As long as she has had a good walk, done her toilet, been fed and has a warm comfy couch to lay on she's pretty relaxed. She also loves to watch doggy tv on youtube :) We have been working from home, we walk her in the morning and feed her on return from our walk, then she will relax all morning until around lunchtime when she will start to get a bit restless that's when I usually give her a pigs ear or take her for a quick stroll around the block again - that usually settles her until around 5 or 6 pm.

She won't ask to be let out to go to the toilet, she likes to save up toilet time for her walks she really loves her pee stops on walks! You have to make sure to take her outside to do her toilet a few times a day and especially before bed, we usually sit outside with her until she goes. She's also great at sleeping through the night, we tuck her into bed in her pj's in our laundry area and we won't hear from her until her morning cuddles! In fact, she hardly ever barks or cries.

She would really suit an older person who is active because she is very gentle, calm and relatively independent in the house but equally loves her walks. She could cope well with a home with a teenage family so she always had company and people to go out with.

The cutest few things about Rosie are
1) how she scratches her ears with her dew claws and loves when you join in to help!
2) how her teeth chatter when she knows she's getting ready to go out for her walks
3) her love or cheese and coconut oil - let her eat these two things out of the palm of your hand and she will follow you anywhere you need her to go.
4) If you are on the couch with her she will stretch out enough just so that her paw touches your foot, just close enough to feel your support but far enough to have her own space
5) she will walk with her whole face/neck leaning beside your knee for support if she's ever unsure on a walk.

Overall, Rosie doesn't need heaps of attention, she just wants; you to be nearby so she can feel your love and support, let her lay on your couch, a few cuddles and "good girls" throughout the day and take her for walks (she'll take as many as she can get) - if you can do that - she's your lady :) Can you give our Cosie Rosie the golden years she deserves?

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