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Cat Friendly!

Almost 3 Years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

Platinum Sponsorship
from Tina Thorne
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
Further details in      Adoption FAQ
Adoption fee: $
Adoption Pending
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Children over the age of 8
- Lots of love to give this stunning boy
- Ideally someone home more than away

Are you in search of a charming, cat-friendly canine companion who's as handsome as they come? Allow Magic to captivate your heart with his enchanting qualities!

Magic is the epitome of canine perfection - he exudes warmth and happiness, radiates confidence, and possesses an insatiable curiosity that makes him a true character. This delightful pooch is already house-trained, sleeps soundly through the night, and faces the vacuum cleaner without a hint of fear. His car rides are a breeze, and his enthusiasm for meals may lead him to investigate the kitchen counter for any tempting morsels. Magic's inquisitive nature shines as he explores his surroundings, occasionally surprising you with a little treasure he's found. Mirrors seem to hold a special fascination for him, where he gazes at his own handsome reflection.

When it comes to walks, Magic is a dream on a leash. He enjoys a leisurely pace, savoring every sniff along the way, and remains unfazed by traffic and bridges. Magic is a social butterfly, getting along splendidly with dogs of all shapes and sizes during his outings. And yes, he's even cat-friendly, provided the feline friend is self-assured enough to handle his friendly sniffing.

Magic revels in neck scratches, back massages, naps, soft toys, and cuddling up closely with his human. His company-loving nature guarantees you'll receive a warm welcome and gentle kisses whenever you're around.

It's worth noting that Magic experienced two seizures in the span of four months while in foster care, each time this happened immediately after moving to new foster homes. However, with the help of prescribed medication, he hasn't had a seizure since. His veterinarian has given him the green light for adoption.

Magic would thrive in a household with retirees or someone who works from home. Are you prepared to be utterly spellbound by the enchantment of Magic?

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