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Big Hearted Gal!

Almost 8 Years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

Platinum Sponsorship
As a Christmas gift to
Eve & Ryan and greyhound Snake
love from Al & Kim
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
Further details in      Adoption FAQ
Adoption fee: $
Adoption Pending
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- A home with lots of love to give this sweet gal

Miri is a very gentle and loving girl with the biggest heart. Be ready to fall in love with her from day one!

Some of her favourite things to do are following you around the house when you are home, she is very interested and curious and loves to spend a lots of time with her human when they are around. Miri can also easily be left at home and 'entertain herself' with just snoozing for hours in her favourite spot, stretched out on the couch or on her bed! Generally very calm and relaxed, she does not need a whole lot of exercising and is quite content getting out of the house twice a day for some walking and sniffing and observing the outside world. She is very easy to walk and does not make a fuss with other dogs, happily greets them, and if being barked at, she would rather turn away. Street noises don't bother her, neither do people walking past - if stopped, she will happily collect some pats and go her way.

While her nature is generally very calm, she does get excited when you get up in the morning to show her some love and feed her, be ready for some adorable teeth chattering when you greet her in the morning, upon returning home, or when getting ready for a walk! She has so much love and affection to give, which is also shown by her burrowing into your lap and behind your back once you make yourself comfortable on the couch. Sometimes, she can't get enough of you and will try and get as close to you as possible! One of her other sweet quirks is also leaning her body weight onto you when you stand next to her, and since she is a big girl, we feel this might not work too well with very little kids.

Miri came into the foster home with some superficial scratches to her paws, which have all been healing up perfectly since and there are no residual issues.

Travelling with her in the car is a breeze, she is excited to go and explore new places, and once you have helped her into the car (by lifting her back feet up), she will lay down and snooze until you arrive at your destination. She knows her bedtime manners really well, knows when it's time to wind down and will not wake you or make a fuss until it is your time to get up and start the day. That being said, she is also fully toilet trained and knows to do this in the garden or when walked outside!

Miri truly deserves the best home, and will pay it back by bringing an amazing calm energy into your home and lots of love and affection, together with some adorable teeth chattering and little snores here and there.

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