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Lively & Fun!

4 ½ years

Microchip number:


Source number: RE146245

Silver Sponsorship
from Julie Grindley
All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
Further details in      Adoption FAQ
Adoption fee: $
Available for Adoption
Please only apply for this greyhound if you have:

- Children over 8 years old
- Lots of love and cuddles to give
- Ideally someone home more than away

Despite his name, Shady is anything but a shady character – he's a ray of sunshine ready to brighten up your life! He’s known for leaning on people while soaking up all the love and affection. He’ll greet you with a waggy tail every morning.

He’s a calm and confident boy, not fazed by much and jumps into the car with ease. When out on walks, Shady wants to say hello to every person he meets and gets excited when he sees other dogs. He walks well on lead and doesn’t pull strongly.

Shady loves being indoors and has good manners, responding very well to a verbal correction as he learns the rules. He is happy to lie on the carpet or his beds and hasn’t been on the couch.

He has had a doggy visitor occasionally and was very patient with her constant play, so he may be okay with a doggy companion, but he is still learning about other dog breeds and will benefit from further doggy socialisation.

Shady is a typical greyhound and spends most of his time sleeping, but he does enjoy an occasional play with toys, especially ones that squeak! He is toilet trained and sleeps through the night without needing to go out. He is a good eater and his love for treats could be a valuable asset for further training.

He would suit most homes. He is gentle with children over 8 years old and could also fit in a home with active retirees. He has been happily living as an only dog in his foster home, but he could also enjoy the company of another dog. He has been well-behaved when left alone for several hours, but he would probably rather that his people were around more often than not.

Shady really is a wonderful dog, and whoever adopts him will be so lucky to have him!

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