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. 本更新素材,也在黑莓源码上翻墙,地址: . Download LotrBfMe2EP1-131073-dutch.exe (23.8 MB) Download LotrBfMe2EP1-131073-french.exe (23.8 MB) Download LotrBfMe2EP1-131073-german.exe (23.7 MB). BattleTech 25th Anniversary Edition v1.0 Beta 3 Patch,. The BattleTech 25th Anniversary Edition. 2017-02-04 17:02:44. 5 views. File Name: lotrbfme2ep1-131073-english.exe; File Size: 23.77 MB; Download Last 2 Week: 4; Downloads All Time: 5. .BFME2HDEdition_Setup.1.exe 45 MB; . Download LotrBfMe2EP1-131073-chinese_t.exe (23.77 MB) Download LotrBfMe2EP1-131073-dutch.exe (23.8 MB) Download LotrBfMe2EP1-131073-english.exe (23.7 MB). Xor T Xor T (Vocals by Christine, Keyboards by Steve) is the project of former Flipper members Steve and Christine Emery (vocalist/guitarist) who perform the music that many considered to be the'sound' of New Jersey punk. It began in 2002 when they recorded a self-titled album (released on the Midas Records label) with co-producer Aaron Armstrong (also of Flipper) and his band UNKLE. They were known as one-half of New Jersey's Untitled by the time they released their second album, Gnaw. History 2002–2003 The duo signed with Untitled Records