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Adopt a Greyhound

'Every greyhound is fostered with love from our home to yours.'

Thank you for your interest in adopting a greyhound! We know from experience that greyhounds make wonderful pets and will give you many years of love and devotion.

Adopting a greyhound is a responsibility requiring a long-term commitment.  Hence, Racing2Rehome assesses applications to ensure the suitability of each greyhound to the adopter’s home environment.

Racing2Rehome is an all-volunteer run charity that fosters greyhounds with families in Melbourne and South Gippsland, giving them a chance to adapt to pet-life as we get to know each greyhound's personality. This enables us to match each greyhound to the specific needs, personalities and situations of both the dog and potential adoption home. A home check is done before finalising the adoption and every family has a two week trial to ensure it is all working out well.

Support Racing2Rehome greyhounds by Fostering or Sponsoring a greyhound, or purchase a greyhound accessory or gift from our Online Store.

In 2022, Racing2Rehome resumed its initiative to rehome Australian greyhounds as pets into adoptive USA homes in an effort to find loving homes for more greyhounds?
For more on our USA Flight program click here.

#500 - Mini doing a celebratory Zoomie as R2R's 500th greyhound

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