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Foster Homes for Greyhounds

R2R urgently need Foster Homes!
We provide all the dogs gear and food - You give your love to change a greyhounds life.
Please Note:
  • Most of our greyhounds are NOT suitable to foster with small dogs or other small pets, as they are still learning.
  • You need to have a yard or courtyard for the dog to toilet in when you are out.
  • Apartments are very difficult to foster greyhounds in, unless you are home full-time.
  • All greyhounds fostered by you are adopted out to families in Victoria.
You can change the life of a greyhound, by becoming a foster carer for Racing 2 Rehome.

You give love and patience, and are rewarded with seeing your foster greyhound’s personality blossom as it adapts to pet life, while Racing2Rehome provide everything else you need. R2R pay for the food and vet bills, as well as providing you with all the dog’s gear (collar, leash, coat, bed, walking harness and dog bowls). In addition, we allocate a 'buddy' for you to contact and our supportive volunteers who are always on hand to give you any training advice or tips, as well as a closed facebook page to share your journey or ask advice.

But I might get too attached to the greyhound?

Yes, the most common comment about being a foster carer, is "I'm afraid I will get too attached."  Well, it is true that you will develop a bond with your foster greyhound, but once you meet the family that plans to adopt and you know it is going to a loving home, the parting is so much easier.

Especially if you remember: "By adopting you can save one life, but by fostering you can save many more greyhounds."

Are racing greyhounds hard to train to become pets?

Greyhounds in general are a low energy, easy-going breed and they have normally already learned some manners from their racing trainer. However, they are not used to living in a home (have never seen a couch, a tiled floor, mirrors, or a noisy TV) or seen all the sights in suburbia. So the foster-carers task is to teach them what’s expected in the home and out walking, so they become a pet greyhound ready for adoption. Greyhounds usually only need a voice command to reprimand them and lots of praise and pats to let them know when they get things right.

We are always in need of foster homes

When Racing2Rehome takes on a racing greyhound, it firstly undergoes desexing and a health check and then goes straight into a foster home. It usually spends about a month or so in its foster home before it is adopted. So the number of greyhounds we can save is directly dependent on our volunteer foster-carers.

But what if I plan to be away?

Fostering is ideal for those who can’t commit to the full-time responsibility of owning a dog. If you need to go away before your foster greyhound is adopted, we will move the dog to another foster-carer either temporarily or on-going. But we will happily give you another dog when you are ready to take on a new one.

Why not take the challenge?

Fostering can be a rewarding, and sometimes challenging experience

As a greyhound foster carer, you may be surprised at how quickly the dog bonds with you. Every foster dog that comes into your home will touch your life. There are tears - tears of frustration sometimes when they've made a mess; tears of worry if they're sick or injured. But there are smiles too - smiles at the first week of perfect house manners; smiles at the first discovery of playing with toys; smiles when you see the love their new forever home has for them.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please complete the online ‘Expression of Interest’ form.

Foster Fail

If you know people from a greyhound adoption program, you will hear talk of "foster fail".  Sometimes, you find that your foster greyhound is so wonderful and lovable that you can't give them up.  Racing2Rehome gives the foster carer the first option on their foster greyhound – we are always happy for you to adopt, as we are confident you know the greyhound suits your lifestyle.

But of course that's not so great for us – as once you adopt a greyhound, you might not have room to take another foster greyhound!

Foster Fail
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