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2024 Australia - North America
Greyhound Rehoming Program

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R2R President Bec Miller in the USA with R2R greyhounds Buster, Evie (now Roo), Jock (just his head peaking), Cheeky & Leo [2019]

The opening of International borders in 2022 enabled Racing 2 Rehome to re-start its initiative to rehome Australian greyhounds as pets into adoptive USA homes in an endevour to find loving homes for more greyhounds

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100 Flights!

May 2024 marked the 100th Flight to North America; representing over 500 Australian greyhounds who have now found loving pet homes in America and Canada through our partnerships with volunteer Greyhound Rehoming groups that share our passion to care for these dogs.

Why are we working with American & Canadian groups to rehome Australian greyhounds into North American pet homes?


There are not enough Australian pet homes for the available greyhounds seeking a family of their own. The post-pandemic situation with people resuming their normal lives and taking overdue holidays, coupled with the rising cost of living has resulted in a drastic fall in adoption demand and foster carers are hard to find. Consequently, the waiting lists for racing greyhounds to get into any of the programs of greyhound rehoming groups are significantly longer. 

In 2022 Racing 2 Rehome recommenced our USA Rehoming Program, which was forced to cease in March 2020 due to to closed international borders. In 2019-20 with four flights, 23 greyhounds were successfully flown to the USA and found loving adoptive homes.

From June 2022 to June 2023 Racing 2 Rehome has flown over 200 dogs (in 43 flights) to thirteen Volunteer-based Greyhound Rehoming groups in the USA and Canada.


For some of their stories click here

Why send to the USA?


Greyhound racing in the USA has declined rapidly, and racing is now prohibited in many states. Currently, there are only 2 active greyhound racing tracks in the USA.


Americans are still keen to rehome greyhounds, so greyhound charities are fund raising to assist taking greyhounds from the Irish racetracks (where adoption rates are very low) and from the Galgos in Spain.

Hence, Racing 2 Rehome wishes to give more Australian racing greyhounds a chance of living in loving pet homes through volunteer-based greyhound charities that have established adoption networks, and hold the same rehoming values as Racing 2 Rehome.

Racing 2 Rehome has developed strong links with Royal Hounds Greyhound Adoption and Greyhound Pets Inc. both of whom are based near Seattle in Washington State. These groups are small volunteer charities that fund-raise to assist with the costs of transporting Aussie greyhounds. The first flights of Australian greyhounds were rehomed through these two groups.

In 2023 we expanded to partner with Canadian Rehoming groups. Although Greyhound racing has never existed in Canada, they have always brought greyhounds over the border from the USA to find them Candian Pet homes.


Our North American partners

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Our Australian sponsors

When and why was this program started?


For more information on how Racing 2 Rehome commenced this rehoming program in the USA, please check out these pages:

USA Rehoming Program 2019

Departures & Arrivals


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Flights program

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Harry contemplating what his USA Couch will be like!

What is the selection criteria for Australian Greyhounds?


Racing 2 Rehome is very careful in pre-selecting healthy greyhounds with confident temperaments. Then they need to be certified by a vet as fit to travel as well as have USA/Canadian mandated vaccinations. Racing 2 Rehome exclude dogs with major racing injuries, over 6 years or with a shy/timid disposition as we feel the trip may be too difficult for them.

Is Racing 2 Rehome still rehoming greyhounds in Australia?


Racing 2 Rehome will continue to work with Australian trainers and owners to rehome greyhounds through our existing foster-based rehoming network into loving Australian homes, as our first preference.

How you can help rehome more greyhounds

100% of profits go to supporting
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You provide the love and guidence.
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