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Dog Clubs for Training your Greyhound

R2R believe one of the best ways to socialise your greyhound with other dog breeds is to attend a dog club.
Attending a dog club allows your greyhound to interact with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment, while taking it at a pace comfortable to you both. 
Joining a dog club will enable you to learn effective strategies to establish boundaries and build a strong bond with your greyhound.  Both of which are a necessity in dog ownership and will result in a confident and well behaved member of your family. 
​If you have adopted an R2R Greyhound and are experiencing any issues, then please contact the R2R Team for advice and if necessary a referral to our greyhound behavourist.
This list of Dog Clubs in Victoria are not endorsed by R2R, but simply listed here to encourage you to join a local Club with your new greyhound!
Click on the Club name to take you to their website or facebook page.
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