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About us

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The Vision

'Our dream is to see every greyhound adopted into a loving, responsible, forever home.'


Racing2Rehome is an all-volunteer non-profit organisation operating in Victoria, Australia. We were established in 2017, with foster greyhounds located in Melbourne and South Gippsland.

Our greyhounds come from local trainers in the racing industry. We get young dogs that didn't want to race or just aren't fast enough. Dogs a few years older that have finished racing, as well as older females after they have finished having puppies.


We foster each dog in a home environment to enable them to learn about pet life. Most greyhounds adapt very quickly to the luxury of living with a foster family and they stay in the foster home until the time they are adopted, so that you get to meet the foster-carer and know you will be getting a pet-ready greyhound. 

Finding the right home is the most important thing we can do for our greyhounds. Our volunteers will assist you through the adoption process in selecting the right greyhound for your circumstances, and will continue to provide support post-adoption to ensure your new family member has the smoothest transition into their new pet life with you.  

Meet The Team

President:           Rebecca Miller
Vice President:   Derarca O'Mahony
Secretary:           Jayne Schnitzerling
Adoption Coordinator:                Tina Thorne
Greyhound Intake:                     Jayne Schnitzerling
Fostercarer Coordinator:            Stuart & Stephanie Barrett
​Finance & Administration:          Amy Ho, Grace Zhang & Amy Laan
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