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Greyhound Care FAQ

Is a Greyhound right for you?

How much time will your dog be home alone every day?

Not all greyhounds can cope as solo dogs if you work full-time, as they have always lived in kennels with the company of other greyhounds. At R2R based on how the greyhound has adapted in its foster home, we will endeavour to match you with a dog that we think should cope.

Are all your family members on board with getting a greyhound?

Make sure you have fully discussed the idea of a greyhound with everyone in your family, BEFORE applying to adopt, as our volunteer’s time is precious.

Does your lifestyle allow you time to walk your dog every day?

Most greyhounds only need a 30 minute walk, but they do need to get out every day for both their physical health and mental stimulation.

Leigh & Karli.jpg

Karli (10 months old) with her R2R foster carer, Leigh

What other pets do you own?

Many greyhounds are not suited to living with small dogs or cats.

What activities do you want to do with your dog?

Greyhounds are generally low energy dogs and in Victoria must be kept on-leash at all times, even in ‘off-leash’ public areas.

How much food will they require?

Greyhounds are large dogs (25kg to 40kg) and so require a good-sized meal twice per day.

Where will you leave the greyhound when you go away?

Kennelling is an expensive option, but you may have friends or family who can help, or even consider a house-sitter.

Do you want an indoor pet, a true couch potato who is most comfortable inside?

Greyhounds have low body fat and feel the cold, so they need to sleep inside your home at night and even wear coats in winter.

This is not the exhaustive list of questions you should ask yourself, but it’s a start. Adopting a greyhound will be rewarding, exciting and challenging at times…as with any other life adjustment you make. And R2R will be there to support you!

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