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And Away we go...

After many weeks of organising, October 24th 2019 was the day we all came together at Melbourne Airport to get the greyhounds ready for their international flight.  Committee members and volunteers travelled far and wide to bring the dogs for check-in and say an emotional goodbye.

These photos share the journey of R2R's iniative in finding these Australian greyhounds pet homes in America.

Here is a link to a press release, if you would like to read more.

the greyt cause.png

People L-R

Moz, Judi, Leigh, Kelly, Jenny K, Jenni D, Bec, Lenny (Petraveller)

Dogs L-R

Frankie, Jock, Lola, Evie (now Roo), Topaz, Lucy, Cheeky, Buster, Leo, Floyd (now Batman)


L: Racing2Rehome President, Jenny Kolevich presents Buster for his microchip scan to Lenny (from Petraveller).


R: Meanwhile Emma (Port Phillip Animal Hospital)  conducts the final vet health check on Floyd with volunteer Moz watching on.


Lots of cuddles, kisses and best wishes as we say goodbye. Kelly with her foster Topaz (left) and Bec with the very cuddly Cheeky.


Arrival in USA!

26 October 2019

It was one small step for the greyhounds but one giant leap for their kind, when ten Australian retired greyhounds, chosen to be part of a pilot greyhound rehoming partnership between Victorian Racing 2 Rehome and the American based Royal Hounds and Greyhound Pet Inc, arrived in the USA to begin the next steps in their rehoming journey.

Racing 2 Rehome’s Adoption Co-ordinator, Rebecca Miller, who accompanied the pioneers on their flight, said aussie greyhounds were in great spirits, when they were greeted by the very excited representatives of the two west coast rehoming groups.

Royal Hounds President, Karla Feller said for many years they have been dedicated to finding homes for the retired racers and those bred for the racing industry and they are delighted to be working with the retired Australian greyhounds.

“While there is a decline in greyhounds available in the USA there are still families wanting these amazing dogs. With less domestic greyhounds needing rehoming in the USA, we now have the resources available to help international greyhounds and be part of the bigger global rehoming community,” she said.

For full story click here

USA Welcome.jpg

Warm Welcome by Royal Hounds Inc

USA greys.jpg

Finding their Forever Homes

Scroll right, in the gallery below to see some of Australian greyhounds with their new American families.

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