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Adoption FAQ

How much is the Adoption Fee?

Racing2Rehome adoption fees are:

  • $350 for all greyhounds between 1 year and 8 years old,

  • $155 to $250 for greyhounds aged over 8 years,

  • $450 for greyhounds puppies up to 1 year old,

  • $450 for cat-friendly greyhounds.

Why do you charge an Adoption Fee?

The adoption fees assist towards the cost of veterinary and feeding expenses whilst the greyhound is in our care. The average cost to rehome each greyhound is over $900.

What veterinary care does R2R provide to the greyhounds they take in to their program?

Racing2Rehome maintains high standards for the health and welfare of our greyhounds and they are:

  • Desexed

  • Dental cleaning, with extractions as needed

  • C5 vaccinated

  • Received vet treatment for any conditions while in foster-care

  • Flea and worm treated



What gear and information does R2R provide if I adopt a greyhound?
  • Martingale collar and a leash

  • A warm polar fleece coat

  • Muzzle (Note: Since January 2019 Pet Greyhounds are NOT required by law to wear muzzles, but R2R will provide you with one)

  • Access to R2R's private Facebook page for Adopters

  • All medical records for the period the greyhound has been in R2R care

  • A printout of their pedigree and if applicable, their racing record.

  • Desexing certificate and Microchip number to register your greyhound with your local Council

  • C5 Vaccination Certificate

  • Information Pack on how to care for your new greyhound

  • R2R will organise the greyhound's Microchip number to be transferred into your name

  • R2R will provide post-adoption follow-up support with any issues you may encounter

If for any reason things don't work out, the dog must be returned to R2R. 

What are the steps in adopting a greyhound from R2R?
  • Please keep in mind that R2R is 100% volunteer based, but we will try to respond to your application within a few days.

  • Applications are reviewed in the order that they are received, but R2R normally have several applications for each dog, so we select the applicant with the most suitable home for the dog to meet the greyhound first.

  • If your application indicates that you will be a good match for the greyhound you have named, or one of our other available dogs, then the volunteer R2R Adoption Coordinator will ring you to discuss the dog further and arrange a ‘Meet & Greet’ with a suitable greyhound.  

  • You and your family, along with any pet dog will then meet the greyhound and their foster-carer, and spend some time together to assess suitability of the dog to your home.

  • A home and yard inspection will then be completed to ensure that it is a safe and suitable environment for the greyhound with special attention to fencing and shelter for the dog. Note: In line with Covid-19 restrictions this may be a virtual/digital home check.

  • Provided all goes well, the paperwork will then be completed and the adoption fee paid. You can then arrange a convenient time to collect your new greyhound from the foster-carer.

  • R2R offer a 2 week trial period, and if dog is returned for any reason the within the trial period you will receive a refund of the adoption fee, less an administration fee.

Does R2R Adopt to interstate applicants?

No, unfortunately we do not adopt our dogs interstate.

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