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2022-23 USA Adoptions

June 8th, 2022 finally arrived and the hard work of R2R's volunteers enabled the first six greyhounds to fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles. R2R's Vice President flew out the day before to ensure we were there to meet all our first post covid flights!

These photos share the journey of R2R's first 3 flights in June. An initiative to partner with American volunteer Adoption groups to find pet homes for Australian greyhounds.

These flights have continued through 2023 with more USA Rehoming groups partnering with R2R.

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GPI, Seattle

GPI first dogs 8 Aug 2022.jpg

Greyhound Pets Inc, President Moira Fella (pink) with volunteers and the first six dogs to be flown to the USA in June 2022 - Crystal, Whinney, Foxy, Mary, George and Ben


Meeting the dogs at Qantas Cargo in Los Angeles.

And getting them ready for their road trip.


Bath time for Whinney in Seattle with GPI volunteers

R2R Vice President, Derarca with Crystal & Mary in Seattle

Royal Hounds, Seattle


Derarca with Royal Hounds volunteers and the four R2R greyhounds.


President, Karla Feller (pink) with Rob and Aussie Lance making himself at home within 10 mins of arrival!


Volunteers lavishing attention on Clancy, Lance, Harry & Mini


Julie has now owned Aussie Roo for over two years. Roo loves to run on her large acreage with greyhound Al.

Arizona Adopt a Greyhound, Phoenix


The Arizona Volunteers were ready in Phoenix at 7.30am to welcome the four dogs and ensure they all got bathed!

Forever Homes

Scroll right, in the gallery below to see some of Australian greyhounds with their new American families.

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