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Apartments & Greyhounds

Will your Apartment lifestyle suit a Greyhound?

Greyhounds have a reputation as making good dogs to have in an apartment. This concept is mainly because they are low-energy and love to lounge around on your couch!
However, it is not that simple, so please consider the following aspects before you apply to adopt a greyhound, as it takes a big commitment to meet all the needs of your dog.



Greyhounds need to toilet every 3-4 hours, which includes as soon as they wake up and last thing at night. So that is at least 4 times a day - rain, hail or shine you must get dressed and take them all the way out to the street. They are large dogs who produce a lot of excrement and you do not really want that smell on your balcony or again neighbours will often complain.

Balcony height

The top railing needs to be at least 1.4 meters high to prevent a greyhound trying to jump over when it spots a cat or bird. (Note: R2R conduct physical home checks for adoptions).

Full-time worker

If you work full-time in an office or elsewhere, then a greyhound is not going to suit. Unless you can afford the services of a dog walker or doggie day-care to accommodate it's toileting and companionship needs.

Older greyhounds

Greyhounds over five years are usually more sedate and less destructive and so suited to the more sedentary life of an apartment and not having a yard to do zoomies in.


Greyhounds need at least a 30 minute walk every day, but with no yard to potter in, you will need to do an early morning 15 minute walk before you head out and again when you return.

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