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Confident and Loving

Medium Male Greyhound Dog

Age: 1 years 7 months

Adoption fee: $280

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000004878294


Confident and loving

Medium Male Greyhound Dog

Medium/large canine friendly 

Teenage and older members in family/couple 

Not cat friendly 

Part time/ Full time workers

Chance, is but a puppy! At 1 year, 7 months old he is a playful, funny boy who has so much love to give.He is a smallish boy, around 27 kg, and is has the beautiful markings of a true brindle boy. He is active, kinder of boisterous, but with patience and a kind hand will learn the ways of pet life. Ongoing puppy/dog classes would benefit Chance for him to reach his full potential and be the best dog he can be. 

Chance is a very inquisitive, happy boy, who just loves his world, and everyone in it. He just loves to play and have fun with everyone! He likes going for walks, likes to lead and goes at a good pace to see what he can see. His ears are like radars, they prick up at any little sound or sight! He has no issues with going for trips in the car as well, to do more exploring of course! 

Chance just loves toys too and will help you rearranging them. When you have put them all away, he will go and bring them out for more play time, he is so funny, and makes you laugh when he plays "tug of war" with you!

Chance would love to be apart of the action and an active family with older teenage children or a active couple would be a great home for Chance. The company of another canine friend would be good for him, someone to play with and have fun, but he would also be quite happy as an only pet with lots of attention and activities. 

Chance has lived as a pet before so he is used to "couches" and looves to sprawl out and sleep. He does sleep in his bed as well, and usually sleeps through the night. He is house trained but a careful awareness of body language is a good idea so you know when he may want to go outside. He is a good boy and is so willing to please and learn, and will be the most amazing family member!

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