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Greyhound and Whippet Coats

When the temperature is below 15 °C, your greyhound or whippet needs to wear a coat or a blanket.  There are other dog breeds with shaggy, warm coats of their own.  Greyhounds and whippets don't have their own heavy coats - that would be a problem to a dog built for running speed.  So the dogs have to trust their human to keep them warm.

Greyhound coats are pretty easy to find.  Lots of places sell greyhound coats.  Whippet coats can be harder to find - a greyhound coat is usually too big for a whippet.

Racing 2 Rehome sells various different types of coat.  Our best-selling coat comes from Skinnydog Bling.  These dog coats are professionally made to our custom design.  They are warm and water-resistant, ideal for the winter months (and we've been getting some cold nights this summer, too).  Our dog coats are brightly coloured - useful if you are walking your dog after dark.  We carry a large range of colours, designs and sizes.  If you want a good-looking coat for your whippet, or a snuggly warm coat for your greyhound, this is the place.


Racing 2 Rehome also makes our own whippet coats and greyhound coats.  Making them ourselves means that we can do custom designs and custom sizes.  Most of our coats are polar fleece - nice and warm but not soggy when wet.  We've also done some greyhound coats in more out-there materials, such as the "bikie-leather" coat that we did for Ken's greyhound, with Harley Davidson logo and everything.  Custom coats means custom coats!

Greyhound Beds


Greyhounds love to sleep on couches and soft beds.  Our favourite is the large, soft, Portsea style beds (see the picture below), but we also have many other styles of dog beds.  These greyhound beds are so big and soft that our own greyhounds love to sleep on them.

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