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About Us - Racing2Rehome

The Vision

'Our dream is to see every greyhound adopted into a loving, responsible, forever home.' 


Racing 2 Rehome is an all-volunteer non-profit corporation operating in Victoria Australia.  We are a new and small group established in 2017, working in South Gippsland and the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


Our greyhounds come from local trainers in the racing industry.  We get young dogs that didn't want to race or aren't fast enough.  We get dogs a few years old that have finished racing.  We also get older dogs after they have had puppies, or maybe they were a pet.  Sometimes we get greyhounds of various ages from adopted homes - maybe circumstances have changed and the family can't look after the greyhound any more.  We foster each dog in a home environment while they transition to pet life. This means they live with a foster family until they are adopted. 


Finding the right home is the most important thing we can do for our greyhounds.    Our volunteers will assist you through the adoption process in selecting the right greyhound for your circumstances, and to ensure your new family member has the smoothest transition into their new life with you.  

Greyhound new family
Greyhound Friends | R2R
Greyhound couch potato | R2R
Greyhound Single | R2R

Meet the Team

President - Ken

President Ken

Ken is one of those retired organisational blokes that knows how to get things done.  Ken lives in a house in town in South Gippsland shire with his family and their adopted greyhound "Lay-By".  They have a small back yard but Lay-By doesn't mind - he mostly stays in the house anyway.  Ken can often be seen propping up a table at the local pub with "the women", when he's not helping with other volunteer groups about the place.

Treasurer - Bec

Treasurer - Bec

It says here that Bec is the treasurer but she's really the driver behind things.  When something goes wrong or there's work to be done, Bec is usually the one that looks after it.  Bec lives on a bit of land on the edge of a country town with her husband and varying numbers of family staying over.  Bec's husband has cats, so that's where our greyhounds go for the "cat friendly" test.  Bec has a greyhound of her own ("Jazz"), and there are usually a few foster dogs running around as well.

Secretary - Jenni

Secretary - Jenni

Jenni has the job of keeping all of the records in order.  Jenni looks after the vaccination certificates and microchip forms.  She also helps with making our polar fleece dog coats.  The coat keeps the dog warm, and the red wine keeps you warm while you sew the coat.  Jenni lives in a house in town with her husband, their adopted greyhound "Pirate" and sometimes a foster dog.  Jenni's husband isn't really a dog person, he doesn't like wet noses on his legs, but he's the one that has to take everyone for a local walk each day.

Foster Coordinator - Warwick


Warwick has been involved in greyhound adoption for decades, and was a helper when Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) first got off the ground.  He has fostered over 100 dogs.  Warwick is our adoption coordinator, so he answers the enquiries, and monitors fosters and foster carers.  Warwick organises lots of events, including our presence at the monthly Mirboo North market.  Warwick lives on his own in a country town with his greyhounds.  Some of his ex foster dogs return to stay for puppy sitting when their families go on holiday.

Foster Mum - Julianne

Julianne & Kristie

Julianne and her daughter Kristie have also fostered lots of greyhounds.  Julianne looks after some of our merchandise including T&S beds, and Skinny Dog Bling coats and accessories.  She is heavily involved in the local Berwick Grey Stickers monthly greyhound walk.  Julianne and Kristie live in Cardinia Shire in the south east suburbs of Melbourne, with some greyhounds of their own and frequent foster greyhounds.  This is another of our "cat friendly" test houses.

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