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"Free Spirited" 

Very switched on

Medium Female Greyhound Dog

Age: 4 years 4 months

Adoption fee: $280

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000003741714

Small/Medium/Large Dog Friendly

NOT cat friendly 

Household with older teenage children perfect.

Part time, retired or people working from home.

Sweet natured gal, with bounds of energy. She is the brightest button, a quick learner and will do a few commands with food as the incentive.

With positive reinforcement she sits and drops and would learn so much more with gentle and positive reinforcement training.

Gypsy has the shiniest black coat, with a splash of white on her chest and hind foot. A medium sized girl, with the prettiest face and kindest brown eyes. A loyal girl who is a bit of a "Houdini", an opportunist if a door is slightly ajar or a gate not completed closed, she will venture out for a squizz at the world beyond the fence, but will not run off, but stay near. Secure fencing and openings are a must as you would not want to tempt fate, and a little scarey if you do discover she has left the premises. You see Gypsy is so energetic that she would love a big sized backyard or even better her own piece of land where she can run free and safely. A quite "head strong" gal as well as independent, a "dog savvy" new owner is best for Gypsy. She needs a human to look up to for gentle guidance as well as a teacher to instil the good qualities for her to grow into the best girl she can be. A person who has experience with dogs and the knowledge of how to raise a dog with a kind but firm hand.

Gypsy is a house dweller, and loves couches and beds if welcome to get up on to, but understands instructions if they are a forbidden sleeping place and is happy in her own warm, comfy bed. Having a human friend part time, or retired or working from home would make Gypsy very happy as she misses company if by herself for too long and cries a little. She just so loves her humans and is sooky for their attention and company.

Gypsy has sooo much energy, loves zooming around, with other hounds and other small/medium/large canine friends. Daily walks would be ideal for burning that energy up. Gypsy gets very excited when its walk time, can pull a little at first, but calms down very quickly with gentle persuasion and walks well on a loose lead. She can be a bit excited amongst other canine friends and can come pushing through with her enthusiasm and glee to be exploring the world around her. She will benefit from walks around traffic, noises and socialising with other people and their dogs as she is a little anxious as she hasn't had a lot of exposure to either. In saying that, she has no issues getting into cars and travel and can get herself in with assistance.

Gypsy is such a clever girl, and wants so much to please you, and would be a wonderful therapy dog with the proper training, her intelligence coupled with her gentle, sweet nature make her a wonderful companion. She just looooves everyone, but is unknown whether she also loooves cats, so best not to have a cat in Gypsy's home just to be sure. A small/medium/large doggy friend would be nice for Gypsy, although Gypsy being an only pet would be fine as she is so devoted to her human friends.

Gypsy would make a very loved family member, and the lucky family Gypsy is a part of will have so many beautiful years with this amazing gal.

You can express your interest in Gypsy by completing the form in the link below: 

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