Booking your Greyhound into R2R

Racing2Rehome is a not-for-profit Greyhound Rehoming Group run by Volunteers. Greyhounds in our program live in foster homes until they are adopted.  Our foster carers open their hearts and homes to facilitate the greyhound's transition to pet life - while R2R seek a loving forever home for your dog.


Requirements for a greyhound coming into the Racing2Rehome program:

  • must have a current C5 vaccination (original to be provided to R2R)

  • a correctly fitting muzzle must come with the dog      

  • greyhound to be delivered to an agreed location      

  • a donation of $150 to assist with the cost of caring for greyhounds while in foster homes. This may be waived if the greyhound is already desexed before coming into R2R   

  • copy of GAP assessment if previously assessed by GAP

     (this assists R2R in selecting the appropriate foster carer)