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I'm sexy and I know it!

Large Male Greyhound Dog

Age: 4 years 

Adoption fee: $280

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000004065446

Im sexy and I know it!
Tall greyhound 

A home with older children 

Full time/ Part time workers 

NOT cat friendly
Tall, dark and Handsome is our Jack! As you can see from his photo's, he is a happy chappy and a very sociable character. 

Jack lives with a foster family with children and three medium mixed breed dogs and he is fitting in so well! He loves his homan siblings, and is just amazing with them. He loves to play with his canine siblings as well and just has a ball. He has so much zest for life and enjoys every minute! 

Jack loves it when guests come to his home and greets them with lots of enthusiasm and bouncing, like "Tigger" you might say, and we know how adorable he is! But Jack has wonderful manners and doesn't jump up on people, but lets them have their space. 

He loves his walks and will need to be walked each day, because he has so much energy and needs it curbed a little so he won't think about other things to do. He walks really well on a halti, and being a tall fella it is the preferred way, as he pulls a little being walked with a collar, but in saying that he responds well with gentle correction. He is also a keen car traveller, Jack so loves his world and would love to see more. 

He is doing really well on his walks with his foster Mum and has not reacted to small dogs, he is keen to learn and please. 

He loves his toys too, gets so much fun out of the squeaky ones and his favourite teddy, he is adorable to watch and makes you laugh. 

Jack would make a wonderfully loving and entertaining member to any family, a family with older children, an active couple or even to a single person, being a loyal and fun companion.
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