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Waggy happy tail

Medium Female Greyhound Dog

Age: 7 years 6 month

Adoption fee: $150

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000002021145

Not cat friendly. 

Part time workers/retirees or person at home full time. 

To be an only dog only.  Not suitable for homes with other dogs.

Family with children 8 years and up.

Jade is a medium sized black girl, a little grey around her muzzle, with a white chest, and a sprinkle of white on some of her toes as well. She is medium sized, around 28 kilo's and will be 8 in December.

Jade has an amazing tail, that wags so fast when she is happy, which is most of the time, it just goes round and round and round at a tremendous speed and when the excitement is over Jade is just so happy to have a comfy bed to lay in and have blissfully sweet dreams. She comes up for pats and is just a quiet easy girl, you wouldn't know she was in the room sometimes. She is just the sweetest gal :).

Jade would be quite happy as an only dog but also would not mind medium/large canine friends too. She hasn't been tested with smaller dogs, but would not be able to live with cats. 

A home of part time workers or even better, someone home all the time, such as retirees or people working from home, would be ideal for Jade as she is very people orientated. She would live quite happily with children 8 years and upwards, as being a senior girl, she likes the peace and quiet at times to sleep and relax the days away. She loves to be inside, but in saying that, happily takes herself out to go to the toilet.

Jade walks at a slow and steady pace, a nice hound on the lead and thus an older person would have no problems at all taking her for a walk.

She is just the perfect soul and would make a lovely new family member, being able to fit in with a loving family who would care and appreciate her. She would love them back a million times over.

Medical notes

Jade has pannus, which is managed by placing drops in her eyes, morning and night. These drops help to manage the condition and will need to be administered her whole life. During high UV days, it would be good if Jade has restricted access to the outside. This condition can be controlled but not cured.

This has not dampened Jade and her mobility, if anything, it has heightened her curiosity and she navigates herself as if he has his full eyesight! When one sensory depletes a little, another is heightened, her sense of smell, his hearing. And this maybe why Jade is so investigative and interested in all around her. Since being with her foster mum, his eyes have improved, which they do, with the twice daily drops and her vision will improve, but of course never completely.

You can express your interest in Jade by completing the form in the link below: 

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