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Larry & Hankie

Bonded couple

Large Male & Female Greyhound Dogs

Age: 3 years 

Adoption fee: $560

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000004936845

Larry & Hankie
Bonded couple
As many people say when they get a greyhound, one is not enough, and they often adopt another not too far down the track. But here, you can have two to start with, who you know will get along just fine, who already love each other, who are already in tune with each other.
Larry is a Large black with white markings male Greyhound, weighs over 35kilo's, so he is a big beautiful hound! 

Larry will keep you amused for hours with his puppy ways. Such a happy boy, with so much love for life and the people around him, loves to be with you, a nosey character, that follows you around. His tongue is regularly protruding out of his mouth, he he 'Tongue out Tuesday' is everyday. He is a perfect example of the hording greyhound, loves toys and can empty a toy box in record time. Larry is a good walker and walks well on loose lead, with little reminders. He is playful, and loves running around the back yard, but also loves to be inside. He likes to be the 'centre of attention' and will Herd Hankie away from you when greeting you. 

Larry needs a home with a companion dog and that is why he and Hankie will be rehomed together. No small children as he is such a happy lad, the wagging tail may wipe out a small child, thus older primary aged children and teens would be ideal for these two souls. 

Larry is a bit of a crooner, as in he loves to sing and exercise his vocal chords. When he lays down he is usually on his back, feet in the air, priceless, such a funny boy.
Hankie is a medium black with white markings female greyhound, a beautiful gal. 

Hankie is quite an independent gal, likes to do her own thing, but is also snuggly when she wants to be.Hankies most favourite thing to do is going for a walk, she loves her walks and has gained so much more confidence with her buddy Larry. She walks well on lead as well and likes travelling in the car and will go off to sleep quite quickly, whereas Larry will stand up and look around before sitting down, just checking out the scenery. 
Hankie is very well behaved and follows direction, just so easy! 

Full time or part time workers would both suit as Hanki and Larry will have each other for company and are there for each other when left alone. Larry like to play whereas Hankie just loves to be outside in the sun. 
They both like being groomed, as is apparent from the photo's showing shiny black coats, they are a very attractive couple of hounds 

They compliment each other, Larry will make you laugh and will love you to pieces, and in her own quiet way Hankie will as well. They will make a lovely addition to your family.
These 2 will be adopted together, hence why the cost of adoption.
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