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How to measure Martingale Collars

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Make sure you use a soft flexible tape measure.

Measure the 3 following lengths:

A. The largest part of the head which includes the ears. This is so you make sure your martingale collar will slip over your hounds head.

B. The smallest part of the neck to behind the ears.

C. The point where you would like the martingale collar to sit on the neck (usually mid-neck).

The measurements above should all fall within the size measurements of the collar.  If the measurements fall between collar sizes, order the next size up. 

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What is a Martingale Collar?

A Martingale collar fits loosely on a dog’s neck but tightens when it needs to.

It has two loops. The first looks like a traditional nylon collar that is adjustable and hangs around the dog’s neck. The second is for control when the leash is attached. When the dog pulls, the collar tightens and will stay snug around the dog’s neck without choking the dog. When the tension is released, the collar loosens again.



Experience better control of your dog

The martingale collar tightens slightly if the dog pulls on the leash, but not so much where it will choke the dog or harm his neck in any way. If you prefer to give your dog slight tugs on the leash while working on leash manners, the martingale is a nice option.

Dogs that are still learning good leash manners are also more likely to pull or try to twist out of their collars when they see other dogs and other distractions. 

Martingale collars, also called limited slip collars, give you full control of your dog by spreading out the pressure evenly around their neck. That's what makes martingale training collars so effective!

Safe, Secure and Comfortable

Some dogs can slip out of their collars easier than others, depending on their fur texture and the shape of their neck compared to their head. If your dog has ever slipped out of or backed out of his collar, you may want to think about getting a martingale collar for safety reasons.


A properly fitted martingale collar will keep your hound from sliding out and taking themselves off for a run. 


Recommended for Greyhounds as well as other small or large dogs with necks larger than their head like Italian Greyhounds or other sighthound breeds.


Comfortable and stylish

Martingale collars come in all sorts of colours so you can find the right style for your unique dog. 

Martingale collars are made for strength and durability, while also keeping your dog comfortable on walks!


Check out our range of Martingale Collars in our online store!

Why use a Martingale Collar

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