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Princess Missy (Missy)

Loves company

Medium Female Greyhound Dog

Age: 8 years 3 month

Adoption fee: $150

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000002462398

Princess Missy (Missy)

Loves company

Medium Female Greyhound Dog

Not cat friendly 

Medium/Large dogs, maybe small ones with a meet/greet. 

Medium sized 

Part time/work from home/retiree 

Family with children 8 years +

Princess Missy, her name is Missy actually, but she is a little princess. Missy just loves attention, she just loves everyone. Although Missy has not been tested with kitties, so we will say Not cat friendly. When Missy goes for her walks, she just loves pats from all who pass her by. She just loves her walks, and walks well on lead. On her walks she has socialised with small dogs and seems to have no issue with them at all. 

A nice family with children would be a lovely home for Missy, who just loves been a part of the action and would love to be included in the families daily activities.Although we have stated 8 years + Missy has been around younger children and has been very gentle and loving to them, it is always advised to supervise carefully when there are younger children. She loves being inside with you and will follow you around where ever you may go. 

Missy is such a clever girl and is already toilet trained, and is also very used to cars, so is a good little traveller as well. 

Missy is such a good natured and a loving gal, she could be trained to become a therapy dog as she was very sweet and aware when she met a special needs child. She is an angel on earth!

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