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Life of the party!!

Large male Greyhound Dog

Age: 6 years 1 month

Adoption fee: $150

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000008217206

Not cat friendly. 

Would love medium/large "party" friends. 

Part time workers/ Retiree ideal. 

Teenage children in his new family.

His birthday has come and gone and now Monty is just over 6, but don't tell him that, he is but a "pup" in his calculations. He was partying with the best of them. He is the biggest goof ball! He just loves life! Just a big black, white chested, boy just ready to come into your life and make it happy! He is just full of beans, a very active boy and would benefit from an active family who will include Monty in their daily activities. 

Wherever you go, he turns up! He is such a people orientated boy, but aren't all hounds, and just wants to love his humans and make you laugh. If you are ever having a bad day, or your not feeling crash hot, Monty will blow all your cares away, he has this amazing personality to bring lots of light and happiness to all he meets. 

Loves toys, and playing, in all different ways and directions, the squeaky ones are a bit of a fav, and how long before he can make them "not squeaky", so a wide variety and quite a few would be a plan. 

Walks are an adventure, so a daily walk would make him a happy chap, and more if you are that way inclined, Monty will lap it up! He is so inquisitive, loves all the different smells, just inhales in life itself. Oh by the way, Monty is a "zoomie" expert so expect the back yard to be a stage for some more entertaining antics. 

Monty is not cat friendly, he hasn't been tested with small dogs but gets along with medium/large dogs, especially other greys, so another medium to large companion dog at home would be a nice buddy for him. 
He is just a breath of fresh air and will fit in to an active family, ideally part time workers or even better a retired person or someone working from home would help Monty, as Monty has a condition called Pannus. (see more in medical notes)

Medical notes

Monty has pannus, which is managed by placing drops in his eyes, morning and night. These drops help to manage the condition and will need to be administered his whole life. During high UV days, it would be good if Monty has restricted access to the outside. This condition can be controlled but not cured.

This has not dampened Monty and his mobility, if anything, it has heightened his curiosity and he navigates himself as if he has his full eyesight! When one sensory depletes a little, another is heightened, his sense of smell, his hearing. And this maybe why Monty is so investigative and interested in all around him. Since being with his foster mum, his eyes have improved, which they do, with the twice daily drops and his vision will improve, but of course never completely.

You can express your interest in Monty by completing the form in the link below: 

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