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Medium Female Greyhound Dog

Age: 7 years 1 month

Adoption fee: $150

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: No

Microchip number: 956000008202005



Not cat Friendly 

Small/Medium/Large dog friendly 

Part time/ Full time workers 

Children 8 years old plus

Rhythm, is a black girl with a white splash on her chest. She is perfect! I was instructed to get her profile up on Pet Rescue as soon as I could because her foster Mum is falling in love with Rhythm, day by day Rhythm is bewitching her whole foster family with her love, her beautiful nature and her happiness. She is one in a million!

Just turning 7 years of age in September, Rhythm is very energetic, loves to play, loves her toys, and anyone else's she can get a hold of and is just ready to go as soon as the sun comes up. Very active and happy to please, her foster canine friend is having the time of her life too! They run around the back yard, have gentle wrestles and have loved each other as soon as they first met.


When Rhythm is ready to play, (which is most of the time) if her playmate is sleeping tucked in her bed, Rhythm will come over to her bed, pull the blanket off, and paw in front of her coaxing her out for a play. In the morning Rhythm is very keen to get out there and start the day, she stands and wiggly's her body in excitement for the door to open. The wiggling body is so funny, when her foster parents get home from work, Rhythm greets them with gentle jumps and the body is wiggling non stop. She makes them feel so special and happy. And this is Rhythm! This is what Rhythm does, she makes everyone feel so happy and loved with her beautiful personality. 

At the moment she also lives with primary school children, and follows them around, curious to what they are up to, she is gentle with them and loves to play and be around them. A home with children of this age and a canine friend is the perfect combination for Rhythm, although a canine friend on their own would be fine as well. If her humans do work full time, definitely a canine friend is a must, part time workers not so much but they would have a beautiful, loyal and playful friend in Rhythm.

Rhythm walks well on loose lead, loves her walks, is chilled out, sniffs at other dogs, including small ones with no reaction at all. She loves pats by whoever wants to pat her,and gently muzzles your hand to get a pat as well, Rhythm just loves the world around her and everyone she comes across! Travelling in the car is no issue either and she jumps in and out on her own accord.

Rhythm is house trained, she has subtle ways of letting you know she needs to go outside which you will become accustomed to. She is a confident, independent girl, but also loves to be with you and included in all the family activities. She sleeps in her bed, but also loves the couch as well and will love sitting up with you for cuddles and sleep. Rhythm will convince you that the couch is the best place to be!

Rhythm is just the most sweetest girl and will be an absolutely beautiful addition to your family, you will have so much love and fun times with this angel.

Medical notes

When Rhythm first came to R2R it was discovered she had a fairly advanced case of Pannus, this is being treated with morning eye drops and has improved so quickly in such a short period of time. It is easy to administer these eye drops because Rhythm makes it easy, she is very patient and obliging. 

This will be a morning medication that will be needed to be given for the rest of Rhythm's life as Pannus can be controlled but can never be completely cured. In saying this, this does not effect Rhythm's sense of direction and balance, she becomes accustomed to her surroundings with ease.

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