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'Chilled out gal'

Large Female Greyhound Dog

Age: 9 years 7 month

Adoption fee: $150

Desexed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Wormed: Yes

Heartworm treated: Unsure

Microchip number: 956000003246449

A Goddess on the mountain top / Was burning like a silver flame / The summit of beauty and love / And Venus was her name. Wah! 


A large Female Greyhound 

Good with all sized dogs. 

Not cat friendly 

Ideal in a family with teenage children 

Part time workers/retired family would be lovely for Venus as well.

Black with white chest and paws, a beautiful senior girl who will be 9 years of age in March. Her age hasn't taken away her beautiful features, a little grey around her muzzle, but I am sure she was the 'Prom Queen' in her younger days. 

Venus loves to snooze near her human friends, as you can see from the photo's she is very chilled out and relaxed. 

She loves going in the car and travels well and enjoys shorter walks and is so easy on her lead. 
She likes water and to paddle her feet on a warmish day, but being black and a hound, is more comfortable inside when it get too hot. She likes to be a part of goings on and loves to be near her family inside and outside. 

It takes a long time to get this sweet, which is why Venus is just that! The sweetest soul who has so much love to give. BUT! maybe not to kitties,so cant live in a household of felines. 

She is good with other dogs and small ones at that, but would also be happy as in a single dog in a family. Being an older girl, she loves her peace and quiet and would be suited to an older family, teenage/adult children. 

She will make a wonderful new family member, with her kind and easygoing personality and the lucky people who adopt Venus would look back and think ' How were we happy without this Goddess!'

You can express your interest in Venus by completing the form in the link below: 

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