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R2R Greyhounds available for Adoption


Grey of the Month


Forrest will steal your heart and your socks. He has a beautiful nature with a lot of love to give. This 5 year old greyhound has retired from racing and is ready to be a lazy couch potato. 

Click his photo for more details


Most greyhounds cannot live with CATS, so unless the greyhound's profile states that it is Cat-Friendly, please assume that you cannot adopt the dog if you own a cat.


Currently, we have no greyhounds that would suit an Apartment, they all need a yard or a courtyard to exercise/play.

      All our greyhounds are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.
      Since January 2019, Pet Greyhounds are NOT required by law to wear muzzles, but remain on-leash.

Adoption process

1 – Complete the online 'Application Form'.

2 – We will phone you for a chat and to provide you with more information about the greyhound, as well as answer any questions you may have. If you wish to proceed with the adoption we will arrange a time for a 'Meet & Greet' and a home yard inspection to ensure there is adequate fencing and shelter for the dog.

3 - A 'Meet & Greet' will be held with your family and any other pets you may have. All dogs are to be met in person.

4 - If all parties are happy to proceed with the adoption, the adoption fee is paid and you will have a 14 day trial period. If at any time during that fortnight you feel the greyhound does not suit your circumstances, they can be returned and the adoption fee will be refunded.

You will receive an Adoption Pack with your greyhound, which will include:

   🐾  Martingale Collar and Lead 

   🐾  Muzzle (Pet Greyhounds are NOT required by law to wear muzzles, but R2R will provide you with one)

   🐾  Warm Polar Fleece Coat

   🐾  Certificate of Sterilisation 

   🐾  Certificate of Vaccination

   🐾  Worming and Flea treatment dates 

   🐾  R2R Guide on caring for your new greyhound

   🐾  Access to R2R's private Facebook page for volunteers and adopters of our greyhounds

   🐾  R2R will organise the transfer of ownership and microchip into your name.


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