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Marvin - Adoption pending

Looking for Love

Age: 1 year & 3 months

Microchip number: 956000001050304

Source number: EE100188

Large Male Staghound Mix Dog


​When Racing 2 Rehome was contacted about a large boy who had been bought into the local veterinary clinic with not a lot of prospects, we welcomed him into our care with open arms. His name was 2442, so he was quickly renamed Marvin. And Marvin is certainly marvellous!

Our foster carer we had in mind went down to meet him with his own staffy girl Roxy, just to make sure they were the right fit, and a beautiful friendship blossomed, Marvin has started his new life with his foster Dad and foster sibling Roxy. Well they are having a ball!

Marvin is a Staghound x Kelpie we think, he is a large boy, 35kg, black with a splash of white on his chest. He is an affectionate and happy boy! To say Marvin is playful, is only one adjective to describe him, he is also energetic, full of energy, "puppy like" (he is only around 16 months old), friendly and very clever! Marvin and Roxy run around together in their backyard, Marvin of course can easily get away, but Roxy sometimes takes a short cut and can be on his tail again, they have the best time and enjoy each others company.

He was taught to shake your hand and drop in his previous home and is house trained. He will let you know when he needs to go outside and also now uses the doggy door at his foster home, he is a quick learner! He jumps into the car by himself and loves sight seeing, the world is a marvellous place for dear Marvin, he just gets so excited of the thought of going for a walk, and his foster Dad has found a halti to be a very useful item to help Marvin calm a little as he does tend to be a strong walker.
As Marvin is living with a smaller dog at the moment, with careful introduction we feel he would be fine with small dogs who like larger dogs. Large dogs would also be good company for Marvin as well and it would be a benefit for Marvin to have a canine friend to play with, one with lots of energy as well as he just wants to play all the time!

Full time workers would be fine as long as Marvin has a canine friend, but Marvin has not been assessed with cats so no kitties in his new home. As you can imagine, being as full of energy and large as he is, Marvin would be best suited to a family with teenage aged children and older. He would be also happy with a smaller family unit like a couple or a single person too! He would be your best friend!

Marvin has a healthy appetite and loves to chew on a bone, he likes to also chew on his favourite toy, a basketball!
Marvin is such a loving boy, and loves his foster Dad and foster sister and has settled well, sleeps through the night and enjoying life! He will make a wonderful addition to a family willing to include Marvin into their daily activities. He will make you laugh and you will fall in love with this big beautiful boy!

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