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Dizzy - Adoption Pending

Looking for Love

Age: 1 year & 7 months

Microchip number: 956000003745497

Source number: EE100188

​At not quite 2 years of age, our darling Dizzy girl is just a delight to be around, with her fuzzy puppy fur and joyful nature.
A happy and active girl, she enjoys running about the yard with her foster doggy siblings and loves the company of other dogs. She enjoys a swim in her foster family's fish pond and a game of chase the ball and run away with it.

Most of all Dizzy loves people, all people, but especially children and is frequently found lying on her back with a group of children around her enjoying belly rubs. After a busy day of getting as many pats as possible and a leisurely walk, Dizzy is very content to curl up in her bed with her favourite teddy.

Dizzy is a quick learner and is learning manners around bench surfing, but is house trained, walks well on the leash and travels well in the car. Dizzy would benefit from the company of a doggy companion. She has not been home alone, so it is difficult to gauge how she would go being left alone for long periods.

Dizzy gets around remarkably well with her foster carers not really noticing how this reduced sight impacts her life. Dizzy uncomfortably runs up and down stairs, runs around the yard playing with the other dogs without bumping into anything and navigates very well on walks.

She is frightened of loud traffic sounds, and would be well suited to a quiet residential or rural area. Dizzy is not cat friendly.

Medical notes

Dizzy was born with a congenital eye condition that caused her eyes not to form correctly. This has impacted her eyesight, with no sight in her left eye and reduced sight in her right eye. She has been assessed by 2 vets and an animal eye specialist who feel that her eye sight may not get any worse, Therefore not requiring any further care, but it is difficult to be certain.

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